Fun With English

A team of 15 volunteers from Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin arrived in Bangkok Friday, September 23.  The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff gave the team a warm welcome at the airport when they arrived late at night. 

After having time to rest Saturday morning, the team spent several hours in the afternoon in an orientation to Thai culture and  receiving detailed information about their program during their 10 days in Thailand.  Sunday morning the team enjoyed worshiping with the members of Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church.  Pastor Alexander from Brookfield Lutheran Church preached a very encouraging sermon and Pastor Sompong from Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church served as the interpreter.

The team is here to conduct a special English program called Fun with English for people in the community surrounding the LHMT office and Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church. 

From 9:00am until 3:00pm September 26-30 the team is leading many fun activities that give the 32 participants good opportunities to practice English with native speakers.  Through songs, games and conversations, the team is not only helping the participants improve their English proficiency, but also building relationships that allow everyone to learn more about each other’s culture and way of life. 

Feedback from the Thai participants during the first few days has been very positive.  They have found the team members to be very friendly and caring and they are discovering that they can communicate in English much better than they thought they would be able to do. 

Some of the Thai participants and Brookfield team members have gone shopping together in the evening and are enjoying spending some free time together.  It’s wonderful to see how God is developing the relationships so quickly.

The Brookfield Lutheran Church team members often talk about how much they’re enjoying being in Bangkok, learning about Thai culture and getting to know the people in the program.  As much as they are giving to our LHMT ministry through the Fun with English program, they are very happy that they also are being blessed by God as they learn and experience so many interesting things.

Please pray for God’s continued blessings during the remaining days of this program.  We’ll be posting more stories about the Fun with English program in the coming days.

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