Searching Leads to Answers through the LHMT Website

Mr. Weerachon Sitiprai is from Udonthani Province.  He is single and has one sibling.  Because he has debts, he often has to travel to work in Nongkhai Province.  It has been a struggle for him to survive, which has made him want to know how life originated.  

He became interested in knowing more about Jesus Christ and searched the internet to learn more about God.  He visited the LHM Thailand website and found information about the Bible Correspondence Courses.  He thought they could help him learn more about Jesus Christ.  He decided to take the courses and is now studying the first lesson about “Calling from God” of the second course “True Happiness.”

Mr. Weerachon says, “The courses have helped me know things I never knew before.  Through the courses God has led me to faith in Christ.  I pray that He will always lead me.”  He now has the courage to live, since God brought him to faith.  He wants to study more about God.  Our team introduced him to Sammakheetham Church in Udonthani, so that he will be nurtured spiritually. 

Mr. Weerachon is a new believer.  Please pray for his spiritual life, that he will learn and understand the Christian life more and believe that the word of God will lead him to put his trust in the Lord Jesus.


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