Volunteer Team Coming To Thailand Soon

The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff are very excited that a team of volunteers will be coming to Thailand to help with the ministry here.  A group of 15 people from Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin will arrive Bangkok late at night on September 23.  Pastor Alexander Whitfield, one of the pastors from the church, was a member of a Pastoral Leadership Institute volunteer team that came toThailand in 2009.  He said that he enjoyed Thailand so much that he wanted to return and to help others from his church to have an opportunity to also experience doing ministry in Thailand.

The team is already busy planning and preparing songs, special games and activities for an English program that they’ll conduct while they’re in Bangkok.  From Monday through Thursday, September 26-29, a large group of local Thai people will be able to practice using English in practical ways with the volunteers for 6 hours each day.  On Friday, September 30, the program will end at noon.  LHMT staff will participate in the program and will assist the Brookfield team in any way they can.

Friday afternoon the team will fly to Phuket, where they’ll have a chance to enjoy some relaxing time together for the weekend.  Although 9 members of the Brookfield group will leave Thailand on Sunday night, the remaining 6 people will stay another 2 days.  On Monday, October 3, they’ll assist with the program at Concordia Day Care Center in Bang Nga by sharing some Bible stories in fun ways with the 30 children who regularly spend weekdays there.

The LHMT director has been organizing everything in Bangkokfor the team, including their orientation, lodging, local transportation, all of the details for their English program and their trip to Phuket.   

We praise God for sending these volunteers to work with us and we pray for their safe travels and successful ministry here inThailand.


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