Fun with English Ends with Tears of Joy

With many tears and hugs the team from Brookfield Lutheran Church said thank-you and farewell to the Fun with English program participants.  In just 5 days many good friendships were begun and deep connections made between the team from the United States and their brothers and sisters in Thailand.

During the program everyone spent a lot of time talking together, so that the Thai participants could practice speaking English.  Each day several cultural topics were discussed, as they compared life inThailand with life in the US.  Although they identified many ways in which the two societies are different, everyone agreed that there were also many similarities that helped them feel close to each other.  Some of the topics included education, cooking, seasons, transportation, families, weddings, holidays, animals, sports, fruits and flowers. 

One thing that everyone seemed to enjoy was singing.  They shared children’s songs, Christian songs and songs translated from Thai into English.  Fun action songs were a particular favorite.  Laughter was a common language as new friends bumped hips, hooked elbows and waved their arms in the air in time with the music.  TheBrookfield team was surprised to find themselves singing some Thai songs. 

During one session the group was divided into small groups and each group did a skit about a Bible story.  A lot of creativity was displayed as they planned very funny skits with only 15 minutes to prepare. 

By the end of the week it was easy to see that the Thai participants were much more comfortable using English, even though they often had difficulty trying to express themselves.  Having fun together and enjoying getting to know each other provided a very positive atmosphere. 

The LHMT team very much enjoyed working with the Brookfield team and getting to know them well.  We thank God for sending an excellent team of people with such loving hearts to join us in ministry this week.  As we worked together, talked together and prayed together, we could feel God’s Spirit connecting us in His love. 

The program accomplished the goal of providing an opportunity for the Lutheran Hour Ministry Thailand (LHMT) director and staff to meet new people from the community.  They plan to make follow-up contacts with each of them in the next few weeks. 

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Fun With English

A team of 15 volunteers from Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin arrived in Bangkok Friday, September 23.  The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff gave the team a warm welcome at the airport when they arrived late at night. 

After having time to rest Saturday morning, the team spent several hours in the afternoon in an orientation to Thai culture and  receiving detailed information about their program during their 10 days in Thailand.  Sunday morning the team enjoyed worshiping with the members of Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church.  Pastor Alexander from Brookfield Lutheran Church preached a very encouraging sermon and Pastor Sompong from Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church served as the interpreter.

The team is here to conduct a special English program called Fun with English for people in the community surrounding the LHMT office and Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church. 

From 9:00am until 3:00pm September 26-30 the team is leading many fun activities that give the 32 participants good opportunities to practice English with native speakers.  Through songs, games and conversations, the team is not only helping the participants improve their English proficiency, but also building relationships that allow everyone to learn more about each other’s culture and way of life. 

Feedback from the Thai participants during the first few days has been very positive.  They have found the team members to be very friendly and caring and they are discovering that they can communicate in English much better than they thought they would be able to do. 

Some of the Thai participants and Brookfield team members have gone shopping together in the evening and are enjoying spending some free time together.  It’s wonderful to see how God is developing the relationships so quickly.

The Brookfield Lutheran Church team members often talk about how much they’re enjoying being in Bangkok, learning about Thai culture and getting to know the people in the program.  As much as they are giving to our LHMT ministry through the Fun with English program, they are very happy that they also are being blessed by God as they learn and experience so many interesting things.

Please pray for God’s continued blessings during the remaining days of this program.  We’ll be posting more stories about the Fun with English program in the coming days.

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Searching Leads to Answers through the LHMT Website

Mr. Weerachon Sitiprai is from Udonthani Province.  He is single and has one sibling.  Because he has debts, he often has to travel to work in Nongkhai Province.  It has been a struggle for him to survive, which has made him want to know how life originated.  

He became interested in knowing more about Jesus Christ and searched the internet to learn more about God.  He visited the LHM Thailand website and found information about the Bible Correspondence Courses.  He thought they could help him learn more about Jesus Christ.  He decided to take the courses and is now studying the first lesson about “Calling from God” of the second course “True Happiness.”

Mr. Weerachon says, “The courses have helped me know things I never knew before.  Through the courses God has led me to faith in Christ.  I pray that He will always lead me.”  He now has the courage to live, since God brought him to faith.  He wants to study more about God.  Our team introduced him to Sammakheetham Church in Udonthani, so that he will be nurtured spiritually. 

Mr. Weerachon is a new believer.  Please pray for his spiritual life, that he will learn and understand the Christian life more and believe that the word of God will lead him to put his trust in the Lord Jesus.

Volunteer Team Coming To Thailand Soon

The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff are very excited that a team of volunteers will be coming to Thailand to help with the ministry here.  A group of 15 people from Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin will arrive Bangkok late at night on September 23.  Pastor Alexander Whitfield, one of the pastors from the church, was a member of a Pastoral Leadership Institute volunteer team that came toThailand in 2009.  He said that he enjoyed Thailand so much that he wanted to return and to help others from his church to have an opportunity to also experience doing ministry in Thailand.

The team is already busy planning and preparing songs, special games and activities for an English program that they’ll conduct while they’re in Bangkok.  From Monday through Thursday, September 26-29, a large group of local Thai people will be able to practice using English in practical ways with the volunteers for 6 hours each day.  On Friday, September 30, the program will end at noon.  LHMT staff will participate in the program and will assist the Brookfield team in any way they can.

Friday afternoon the team will fly to Phuket, where they’ll have a chance to enjoy some relaxing time together for the weekend.  Although 9 members of the Brookfield group will leave Thailand on Sunday night, the remaining 6 people will stay another 2 days.  On Monday, October 3, they’ll assist with the program at Concordia Day Care Center in Bang Nga by sharing some Bible stories in fun ways with the 30 children who regularly spend weekdays there.

The LHMT director has been organizing everything in Bangkokfor the team, including their orientation, lodging, local transportation, all of the details for their English program and their trip to Phuket.   

We praise God for sending these volunteers to work with us and we pray for their safe travels and successful ministry here inThailand.