Participants Wish ETS Training Could Be Longer

Pastor Pracha Thaiwatchramas and his wife, Nilubon

In August 2011 the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and 3 staff members traveled 7 hours by van from Bangkok to Udonthani Province in northeastern Thailand.  Pastor Pracha Thaiwatchramas from Sajatharm Baptist Church in Muang District had invited them to conduct an Equipping the Saints (ETS) training at his church.  Pastor Pracha had heard about this training from his wife, Nilubon Thaiwatchramas, who is an LHMT board member.

A total of 55 people from 6 churches and 2 outreach centers attended the training.  They were very excited to have the opportunity to receive the training and committed themselves to be much more involved in reaching out to the lost in their communities in the future.  To give action to their words, 23 people asked to become LHMT commissioned volunteers and said that they wanted to participate in more LHMT activities.  Forty-four people signed up to begin receiving the encouraging Gospel messages sent out from LHMT every week.

Because the LHMT director became sick shortly after the team arrived in Udonthani, she was unable to lead any of the ETS modules.  We thank God that her 3 staff were able to teach all of the modules and lead other activities without her, so the training was still successful. 

All of the evaluations at the end of the training were very positive.  Some people asked if more LHMT activities could be planned, because they knew that many people were unable to attend in August.  They also asked if the ETS training could be longer, so they could learn more and have time to practice in the community some of the things they were learning in the workshop. 

The LHMT director and staff are very encouraged by the positive feedback.  They look forward to returning to Udonthani Province to conduct more outreach activities.

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