Children’s Bibles Are Being Spread Throughout Thailand

LHMT is very thankful for the funds that it received from the LHM Headquarters in St. Louis to conduct the Children’s Bible Project. 

"I'm very happy for this gift. I'll learn more about Jesus," said Sunisa Sudcha

We bought 500 copies of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories to distribute to the children that we already know, who don’t have their own Bibles.  We traveled to southern Thailand to distribute the first 100 books at Romklao Tungsong Church in Nakhonsithammarat Province on July 16, 2011.  Representatives came from 4 churches to receive the books.  Romklao Tungsong Church received 69 copies, Baan Ton Sai Church received 10 books, Prataigaruna Church received 11 and Ratchada Church received 10 books. 

From August 5-8 we made another trip to distribute 81 Children’s Bibles in 3 provinces in northeastern Thailand.  We gave 17 books to the children of Phrakhun Phrajao Nong Wauso Church in Udonthani Province, 24 copies to the children of Chaiyaporn Church in Bungkan Province and the remaining 40 books to the children on Phrakhun Phrajao Roiet Church in Roiet Province.

Mrs. Hawmhuan Laoya (R) with her Bible students

The children were very happy to receive the free Bibles and to be able to read the Bible stories by themselves.  Mrs. Hawmhuan Laoya, a member of Chaiyaporn Church in Bungkan Province who helps with the church’s children’s Bible class, said, “I’m proud to receive this Bible.  Every child in my class received one.  I thank God for helping us through this project, especially the people from the United States who gave the donations.  I believe this children’s Bible will be helpful in my teaching, because we lack the object lessons.  I thank God for the blessing of teaching in Chaiyaporn Church.”

We pray that these Bible stories will help the children learn more about God and be strengthened in their faith.  We are making plans to distribute the remaining 300 copies of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories as soon as possible.

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