New Live Broadcast for New Life Radio

Under the leadership of Pastor Chatri Pimjaiprapa, Bangkhunthian New Life Churchhas been operating New Life Radio, a community radio station in Bangkhunthian District in Bangkok.  In May 2011 Pastor Chatri contacted LHMT about the possibility of obtaining three radio programs produced by LHMT.  Many community radio stations that are owned and operated by Christian churches in Thailand have difficulty producing enough programs to fill their broadcast schedules, so LHMT is happy to help them with that. 

LHMT staff and radio speaker during the live broadcast

On July 20, 2011 some LHMT staff and one of the LHMT radio speakers went to Bangkhunthian New Life Church to conduct a live broadcast of the “Home for Love” program from the New Life Community Radio station.  During the 1-hour program about family issues, the speaker asked the listeners questions about what impressed them about their families.  One of the callers said that she was impressed by the way her family cared for each other.  Then she told the speaker that she was also impressed with this live radio program and that she looked forward to listening more of our programs on this station in the future.

Pastor Chatri Pimjaiprapa (left) receiving the sample of LHMT's materials from staff

During the visit the LHMT staff shared with Pastor Chatri and some of his church members about the many different LHMT ministries and they discussed ways in which LHMT and Bangkhunthian New Life Church can work together.  LHMT will continue to provide the church with more radio programs and looks forward to building a close relationship in the months to come. 


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