Heavy Rain and Flooding Don’t Dampen Excitement of New Believers

Young new believer is happy to have crosses and Gospel bracelet to help her witness to her friends

Although nearly one-third of the people were unable to attend the Equipping the Saints (ETS) training at Romklao Tungsong Church in Nakhonsithammarat Province on July 16, 2011, it was an exciting day for the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff.  This training was unique, because it was conducted for 36 new believers from 3 churches who have come to faith since LHMT did an ETS training at Romklao Tungsong Church in May 2009.  Very heavy rain and flooding made it impossible for another 20 new believers from one church to travel the 60 kilometers (36 miles) to join the training.

It took the LHMT director and her staff 12 hours riding in a van to travel the 800 kilometers (480 miles) from Bangkok to Nakhonsithammarat Province, but they were very happy that they made the trip even though they had two flat tires along the way.  The training went very well as planned.  They continued to build strong relationship with Pastor Kluan Ponchai and church leaders and got to know the new believers.  7 people were commissioned as LHMT volunteers.  Another 15 people signed up to receive the weekly Gospel text messages on their cell phones.

Many participants asked if additional workshops could be scheduled every 3 months.  Pastor Kluan is also interested in having his church join LHMT in doing a children’s activity.  LHMT director and staff hope to be able to work with the churches in that area again in the future. 

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