Thursday Evenings at the Into Light Center

Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church in Bangkok operates an English program in the same building as the church.  Two people from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) in the United States are helping the program by serving as long term volunteer English teachers.  Many Thai people want to learn English, but they want to study with a native speaker. 

In addition to helping Thai people learn English, the church, Center staff and US volunteers want to share the Gospel with the students.  The English classes provide a reason for people to come to the Center and give chances for the volunteers to build relationships with their students.  It’s in the context of these classes and personal relationships that the volunteers have opportunities to share their faith.

LHMT director sharing an object lesson

Since February the LHMT director and staff have been doing a special program with the volunteers, Center staff and some students between the evening classes.  After singing some songs and doing a fun activity, the LHMT director or one of the staff share a short object lesson about some truth from the Bible.

Recently several students have expressed interest in learning more about Christianity.  They like to come early on Thursday evenings to participate in the activities before their classes begin.  A couple of the students are planning to participate in the LHMT Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC), so they can begin to study the Bible in more detail and learn who Jesus is and what he has done for them. 

Aht (second from left) enjoys the Thursday evening fun activities

Aht, a young man who has been studying English at the Center for the past several months, has been asking lots of questions about the Bible and has told the volunteer English teachers that he’s thinking about becoming a Christian.  Through the BCC Aht will be able to follow a planned program for learning the basic Christian teachings.  The LHMT staff will also stay in contact with Aht to guide and encourage him as the seed of faith that the Holy Spirit has planted in his heart grows and matures.

The LHMT staff, Center staff and volunteer English teachers will continue working together to develop the Thursday evening between class outreach program in the coming weeks and months.  Please pray that many students will join the Thursday evening activities and be touched by the Holy Spirit as they hear the LHMT Gospel presentations.


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