From Stress to Peace

Mr. Boonlert Chaiaroon is from Suphanburi Province and moved with his family to Chainart Province.  He has 2 children and was stressed, as he did not earn enough income to support his family.  He wanted to find peace and happiness in his life and had the opportunity to hear about God since he was 14 and was searching to know more about Him.  

The pastor of Living Streams Church in Manorom District, Chainart Province recommended that he attend his church as well as take the Bible Correspondence Courses from LHMT, so that he would understand the Christian way of life better.  Mr. Boonlert applied for the BCC from LHMT and after taking the courses he says, “The lessons have given me many things, particularly the meaning in life.  It has helped me to know God’s will and how I can serve Him.”  

The Lord led Mr. Boonlert to be baptized at a church camp on May 6, 2011.  Now he is a child of God and he still is taking the correspondence courses. Currently, he is taking lesson 2 of the second course and has been learning the basic skills of how to live a life in faith.  Mr. Boonlert says, “My life has changed. I used to be stressed about the living conditions in my life, however, now I have peace in my heart, because I have God as my Guide in life.  He has blessed me with better living conditions.”  

Mr. Boonlert’s life has changed, as he has God to be his Guide.  Mr. Boonlert is happy that the Lord led him to open his heart to Jesus and be baptized. Currently, he is being nurtured by Living Streams Church in Manorom Dictrict, Chainart Province.  Please remember him in your prayers, that he will grow in faith and lead a life of fellowship with God.


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