New Christmas CD in Production

In 2010 Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) produced a Christmas music CD entitled “Christmas Blessings.”  The CD featured several Thai traditional instruments and some Thai-style musical arrangements.  Eight traditional Christmas carols were recorded as instrumentals and two of those were repeated as vocals. 

We received many very positive comments about that CD from Christians inThailand and abroad.  We thank God that “Christmas Blessings” was a blessing to so many people.

LHMT is now in the process of producing “Christmas Blessings Vol. 2.”  Eight different Christmas carols were chosen for this CD and recorded as instrumentals.  This year three of the songs were also recorded as vocals.  Some of our LHMT staff and two other singers graciously volunteered to sing for this album.

We pray that God will use “Christmas Blessings Vol. 2” to bring peace and joy to many people this Christmas. 


One Response

  1. I’m sure this CD will be as great as the first one.

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