A Good Chance to Connect with Old Friends

More than 4,000 people attended the 7.5th Thailand Congress on Evangelism, which was held atRangsitCenter,ThammasatUniversity inBangkok on May 10-13, 2011 with the theme “With Him…We Can.”

The young volunteers signed up to receive Gospel text messaging from LHMT

This was a great opportunity for Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) to meet many friends from previous Listener Gatherings, Equipping the Saints (ETS) training workshops and other evangelistic events.  Nearly 200 people signed up for the Gospel text messaging, 3 churches were happy to receive 100 sets of adult and children’s Bible Correspondence Courses, some participants signed up to receive 200 sets of evangelistic materials and several churches asked us to help them conduct evangelistic activities and ETS workshops.

LHMT also set up its product sale and ministries booth.  Many visitors stopped to buy items from the LHMT bookstore and to learn more about the work of LHMT throughout Thailand. 

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New Christmas CD in Production

In 2010 Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) produced a Christmas music CD entitled “Christmas Blessings.”  The CD featured several Thai traditional instruments and some Thai-style musical arrangements.  Eight traditional Christmas carols were recorded as instrumentals and two of those were repeated as vocals. 

We received many very positive comments about that CD from Christians inThailand and abroad.  We thank God that “Christmas Blessings” was a blessing to so many people.

LHMT is now in the process of producing “Christmas Blessings Vol. 2.”  Eight different Christmas carols were chosen for this CD and recorded as instrumentals.  This year three of the songs were also recorded as vocals.  Some of our LHMT staff and two other singers graciously volunteered to sing for this album.

We pray that God will use “Christmas Blessings Vol. 2” to bring peace and joy to many people this Christmas. 

Bright Teeth and Happy Feet

More than 600 students will be help through this project

Elementary schools in Thailand often have programs to teach children about how to have good health and proper hygiene.  In many schools the students are required to brush their teeth after lunch under the supervision of their teachers.  The students learn the importance of taking good care of their teeth and learn proper procedures for brushing their teeth.  This can help them prevent problems with their teeth and reduce the need for going to a dentist.

During our Christmas Schools Outreach Program in December 2010 in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province the LHM Thailand director and staff visited a number of schools in poor, rural communities.  We noticed that the students in these schools weren’t brushing their teeth after lunch.  The teachers and school administrators told us that the schools didn’t have enough money in their budgets to provide the toothbrushes and toothpaste and that the families were too poor to pay the cost themselves.  Hundreds of children in these schools were not taking good care of their teeth and were likely to have significant problems in the future.

Many of these same children wear socks to school each day that have huge holes in them.  Often their socks are missing both the toe and the heal.  Because they don’t wear shoes inside the school, their socks wear out more quickly.  In these rural areas it’s important for children to be careful about protecting their feet from the bacteria that is common in the dirt around their homes and rice fields, especially when they have animals in their yards.  We observed a large number of students wearing no socks or socks that provided no protection.

The LHMT director decided to try to help these students.  She submitted a proposal to do a holistic project called “Bright Teeth and Happy Feet” in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.  The leaders in the Lutheran Hour Ministries headquarters in St. Louis approved the project and are providing the necessary funding.  The project will be conducted from May 25-27.  LHMT will provide a packet that contains 2 toothbrushes, 1 plastic cup and enough toothpaste to last one school term (5-6 months), 3 pair of socks and some Gospel tracts.  Packets will be given to 632 students in 7 schools in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. 

The LHMT director and staff are currently planning special activities and materials that will help the students understand how to take good care of their teeth.

Please pray that the students will experience God’s love through this project and will want to learn more about who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

The LHMT team will work together on this project with the Guiburi Full Gospel Church