The Thai-Ezra Evangelistic Ministry and LHMT Continue to Deepen Their Relationship

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Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) and the Thai-Ezra Evangelistic Ministry (TEEM) have been developing a close relationship during the past few years.  In 2010 LHMT was invited to do an Equipping the Saints (ETS) training in June for some of the church members.  Then in October 2010 LHMT provided workshops and activities at the Thai-Ezra Evangelistic Ministry women’s camp in Chaiyaphum Province.

From April 9-12, 2011 LHMT worked with TEEM again.  Under the theme “Into Peace and a Joyful Life in Christ” the Thai-Ezra Evangelistic Ministry conducted a camp for more than 200 members from 20 churches across 9 provinces.  On April 10-11 the LHMT director led workshops about peace in Christ and living a joyful life in Christ and the LHMT staff did a variety of special team building activities with the campers. 

The LHMT director and staff enjoyed participating in the TEEM camp and received many positive comments from the campers.  They received an invitation to help with the camp again next year and 2 churches want to host ETS trainings.

During the camp LHMT also set up a booth with many products from the bookstore for sale.  The campers were eager to purchase many items, because they don’t often have an opportunity to buy Christian books, materials and other products.  The sale of the materials at the camp also helps LHMT by serving as a fund raising activity.  In addition to that, TEEM also made a nice donation to the LHMT ministry.

Both LHMT and TEEM enjoy working together and having fun times of fellowship.  Hopefully they will be able to continue developing this close relationship in the future.


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