LHMT Director and Speaker Interviewed for “The Rhythm of the Heart” Program

Mr. Teeraporn Pintong (seated) and his coworkers from "The Rhythm of the Heart"

“The Rhythm of the Heart” staff interviewing LHMT director

The Siam Christian Broadcasting Network is operated by the Operation Blessing Foundation here inThailand.  One of the television programs that they produce is a 1-hour program, “From Heart to Heart,” which is aired every Monday night on the government television station. 

On April 7, 2011 the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and one radio speaker were interviewed for a segment of the program, “The Rhythm of the Heart.”  The main focus of the interview was how to share the Gospel through media, especially proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through radio programs.

Mr. Prawit, LHMT radio speaker explaining how to produce the Gospel radio program

The main points that they wanted to share on the program included the history of LHMT radio programs and the reasons for choosing to proclaim the Gospel to the Thai people through radio broadcasts.  They also wanted to know how many and what type of programs LHMT produces. 

The last question was about the effectiveness of using the radio to communicate the Gospel.  They wanted to know how radio programs could be helpful for people who struggle in life. 

Through talking with the interviewers about the radio ministry of LHMT and telling the story on “The Rhythm of the Heart,” the LHMT director hopes that more people will become aware of the radio programs produced by LHMT.  Hopefully more people will become interested in listening to these programs.


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