Christian Radio Programs Give Hope

Mrs. Supajitra Meeprasert with her two children visited the LHMT office on April 4, 2011

Mrs. Supajitra Meeprasert comes from a broken family, her parents separated when she was born. Her health is not good, as she suffers from a problem with her blood and has been taking medication since she was 9 years old. The medication has side effects and causes her bone mass to decrease, which has left her with constant pain. Mrs. Supajitra has 2 children.  Because she doesn’t have good health, her husband did not want her to have another child and he has not been taking care of the second child. This made her very discouraged and she wanted to commit suicide.

One day Mrs. Supajitra turned on the radio and came across two Christian radio programs on FM 92.85.  This is the Mahachai Church Community Radio Station in Samutsakorn Province .  This community radio station cooperates with Journey into Light to spread the Gospel using the radio.  Mrs. Supajitra tried to tune to other stations, but the signals were not clear.  So she decided to try the Christian station again.  She listened to “Because You Are Loved“ and “Cheerful Life.” After listening to the programs she telephoned the LHMT team and asked to sign up for the correspondence courses.
Mrs. Supajitra wanted encouragement in living and was interested in learning more about Jesus Christ.  Listening to the radio has encouraged her and made her ready to face her life.  She says, “The Christian radio programs, ‘Because You Are Loved,’ and ‘Cheerful Life’ that I listen to, have helped me to have the will to live and help me know more about God, who has given me His love.  Now I always listen to the Christian radio.”  She also added, “My life has been transformed.  I used to be despondent, but now I am encouraged and ready to face life.  I am no longer short tempered.  I now have peace in my heart, since the Holy Spirit brought me to faith.”  Mrs. Supajitra has already completed the first LHMT correspondence course and she is now taking chapter 1 of the second course.  Not only is Mrs. Supajitra learning more about God.  Her children also are taking the children’s correspondence courses.  Mrs. Supajitra also applied to receive encouraging text messages on her mobile phone, so she will be blessed by them.
Mrs. Supajitra was baptized in December 2010.  Currently she is attending Mahachai Christian Church.  Please pray that God will continue to strengthen her faith and that God will also lead her family to faith.

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