Hang Cheevit Mai Church in Sakon Nakhon Province Hosts ETS

Everyone loved doing the fun activities together

On March 25 the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff traveled in a van for more than 10 hours to reach Sakon Nakhon Province, where they were scheduled to conduct an Equipping the Saints (ETS) workshop the next day.  When 58 people from 7 churches in that area joined the workshop the next morning, the LHMT director and staff were happy that they had made the 700 kilometer trip.  Although the people were from different churches, they all were happy to join together for the 30-minute opening worship. 

Participants praying for unbelievers in their communities

After the worship the LHMT director led the group through Modules 1-3 of the training.  Module 1 is an introduction and overview of the ministry of LHM and LHMT.  Module 2 is about the reasons why we do evangelism.  In Module 3 the participants were given an idea of what evangelism is and general principles about how it’s done.  After lunch the LHMT staff led Module 4, which provided them with a number of specific examples of how they can reach out to their family and friends with the good news of Jesus.

Later in the afternoon the LHMT staff completed the rest of the modules.  In Module 5 the group learned some good ways to invite and welcome visitors into their churches.  The main topic of Module 6 was how to use local media to reach out to the unbelievers in their communities.  Media materials that were produced by LHMT were explained and everyone was encouraged to contact the LHMT staff to arrange to receive copies of those materials.

During Module 7 the importance of having volunteers help LHMT was explained.  At the end of the module 11 people asked to become commissioned LHMT volunteers.  They will serve as contact people for LHMT and identify individuals in their area who are interested in joining the Bible Correspondence Courses and receiving other Christian materials.

LHMT director and Da

One of the highlights of this trip for the LHMT director was meeting Da, a young woman who had been a student in the English classes offered through the CGM Center in Bangkok more than 10 years ago.  When the director knew her at that time, Da was not a Christian.  It was exciting to see her again and to discover that she is now a Christian and very active in the ministry of her church.

Mrs. Nilubol Thaiwatcharamas, LHMT Advocacy Board member enjoyed her first ETS experience

Another highlight was having one of the LHMT Advocacy Board members attend the training.  She had never experienced an ETS training before.  Because she had heard so much about the ETS training, she thought this was a good chance for her, since her home is only about 2 hours from where this training was held.  She was so happy with the program that she plans to talk with her home church in Udon Thani about inviting LHMT to hold an ETS training there.

The LHMT director and staff want to thank Pastor Suragarn Wonna and members of Hang Cheevit Mai Church for giving them such a warm welcome and for hosting the ETS training.  They were very pleased that everything went so smoothly and everyone enjoyed participating in all of the activities so enthusiastically.  This was a good chance to meet many new friends and to begin developing strong relationships.  At the end of the ETS workshop Hang Cheevit Mai Church invited LHMT to return in the future to conduct a children’s program.

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