The Thai-Ezra Evangelistic Ministry and LHMT Continue to Deepen Their Relationship

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Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) and the Thai-Ezra Evangelistic Ministry (TEEM) have been developing a close relationship during the past few years.  In 2010 LHMT was invited to do an Equipping the Saints (ETS) training in June for some of the church members.  Then in October 2010 LHMT provided workshops and activities at the Thai-Ezra Evangelistic Ministry women’s camp in Chaiyaphum Province.

From April 9-12, 2011 LHMT worked with TEEM again.  Under the theme “Into Peace and a Joyful Life in Christ” the Thai-Ezra Evangelistic Ministry conducted a camp for more than 200 members from 20 churches across 9 provinces.  On April 10-11 the LHMT director led workshops about peace in Christ and living a joyful life in Christ and the LHMT staff did a variety of special team building activities with the campers. 

The LHMT director and staff enjoyed participating in the TEEM camp and received many positive comments from the campers.  They received an invitation to help with the camp again next year and 2 churches want to host ETS trainings.

During the camp LHMT also set up a booth with many products from the bookstore for sale.  The campers were eager to purchase many items, because they don’t often have an opportunity to buy Christian books, materials and other products.  The sale of the materials at the camp also helps LHMT by serving as a fund raising activity.  In addition to that, TEEM also made a nice donation to the LHMT ministry.

Both LHMT and TEEM enjoy working together and having fun times of fellowship.  Hopefully they will be able to continue developing this close relationship in the future.

LHMT Director and Speaker Interviewed for “The Rhythm of the Heart” Program

Mr. Teeraporn Pintong (seated) and his coworkers from "The Rhythm of the Heart"

“The Rhythm of the Heart” staff interviewing LHMT director

The Siam Christian Broadcasting Network is operated by the Operation Blessing Foundation here inThailand.  One of the television programs that they produce is a 1-hour program, “From Heart to Heart,” which is aired every Monday night on the government television station. 

On April 7, 2011 the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and one radio speaker were interviewed for a segment of the program, “The Rhythm of the Heart.”  The main focus of the interview was how to share the Gospel through media, especially proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ through radio programs.

Mr. Prawit, LHMT radio speaker explaining how to produce the Gospel radio program

The main points that they wanted to share on the program included the history of LHMT radio programs and the reasons for choosing to proclaim the Gospel to the Thai people through radio broadcasts.  They also wanted to know how many and what type of programs LHMT produces. 

The last question was about the effectiveness of using the radio to communicate the Gospel.  They wanted to know how radio programs could be helpful for people who struggle in life. 

Through talking with the interviewers about the radio ministry of LHMT and telling the story on “The Rhythm of the Heart,” the LHMT director hopes that more people will become aware of the radio programs produced by LHMT.  Hopefully more people will become interested in listening to these programs.

Christian Radio Programs Give Hope

Mrs. Supajitra Meeprasert with her two children visited the LHMT office on April 4, 2011

Mrs. Supajitra Meeprasert comes from a broken family, her parents separated when she was born. Her health is not good, as she suffers from a problem with her blood and has been taking medication since she was 9 years old. The medication has side effects and causes her bone mass to decrease, which has left her with constant pain. Mrs. Supajitra has 2 children.  Because she doesn’t have good health, her husband did not want her to have another child and he has not been taking care of the second child. This made her very discouraged and she wanted to commit suicide.

One day Mrs. Supajitra turned on the radio and came across two Christian radio programs on FM 92.85.  This is the Mahachai Church Community Radio Station in Samutsakorn Province .  This community radio station cooperates with Journey into Light to spread the Gospel using the radio.  Mrs. Supajitra tried to tune to other stations, but the signals were not clear.  So she decided to try the Christian station again.  She listened to “Because You Are Loved“ and “Cheerful Life.” After listening to the programs she telephoned the LHMT team and asked to sign up for the correspondence courses.
Mrs. Supajitra wanted encouragement in living and was interested in learning more about Jesus Christ.  Listening to the radio has encouraged her and made her ready to face her life.  She says, “The Christian radio programs, ‘Because You Are Loved,’ and ‘Cheerful Life’ that I listen to, have helped me to have the will to live and help me know more about God, who has given me His love.  Now I always listen to the Christian radio.”  She also added, “My life has been transformed.  I used to be despondent, but now I am encouraged and ready to face life.  I am no longer short tempered.  I now have peace in my heart, since the Holy Spirit brought me to faith.”  Mrs. Supajitra has already completed the first LHMT correspondence course and she is now taking chapter 1 of the second course.  Not only is Mrs. Supajitra learning more about God.  Her children also are taking the children’s correspondence courses.  Mrs. Supajitra also applied to receive encouraging text messages on her mobile phone, so she will be blessed by them.
Mrs. Supajitra was baptized in December 2010.  Currently she is attending Mahachai Christian Church.  Please pray that God will continue to strengthen her faith and that God will also lead her family to faith.

LHMT has Ministry Booth and Product Sale at Full Gospel Church Camp

LHMT staff explains to some campers how to use Gospel bracelets

From March 28-30, 2011 more than 400 members from all of the Full Gospel Churches in Thailand met together at Au Manao Hall in Prachuap Khiri Khan for a Christian camp.   LHMT staff were invited to set up a booth with information about the various LHMT ministries and to sell many of the products from the LHMT bookstore. 

Throughout the weekend the LHMT staff had many opportunities to interact with the camp participants, most of whom were not familiar with the ministry programs that LHMT does throughout Thailand.  It was also a good opportunity for the campers to purchase Christian books and materials that will help them to grow in their faith and to share their faith with people in their communities.

LHMT staff helping a camper sign up to receive Gospel text messages

Many good connections between the Full Gospel Church members and LHMT staff were made during the weekend.  A total of 113 people signed up to receive the encouraging Gospel text messages and 82 received Gospel bracelets with colored beads that guide them in sharing the Good News with unbelievers in their families and communities.  LHMT staff will contact each of them in the near future to find out how many times they’ve used the bracelets to tell others about Jesus.  Another 6 people decided to enroll friends in the Bible Correspondence Courses (BCC).  If those people enjoy the BCC, then they’ll enroll others also.

Although LHMT has had a close relationship with the Full Gospel Church in Guiburi for the past few years, setting up the ministry booth and product sale helped make contact with all of the Full Gospel Churches across Thailand.  LHMT looks forward to working together in ministry activities with many of these churches in the future.

Hang Cheevit Mai Church in Sakon Nakhon Province Hosts ETS

Everyone loved doing the fun activities together

On March 25 the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff traveled in a van for more than 10 hours to reach Sakon Nakhon Province, where they were scheduled to conduct an Equipping the Saints (ETS) workshop the next day.  When 58 people from 7 churches in that area joined the workshop the next morning, the LHMT director and staff were happy that they had made the 700 kilometer trip.  Although the people were from different churches, they all were happy to join together for the 30-minute opening worship. 

Participants praying for unbelievers in their communities

After the worship the LHMT director led the group through Modules 1-3 of the training.  Module 1 is an introduction and overview of the ministry of LHM and LHMT.  Module 2 is about the reasons why we do evangelism.  In Module 3 the participants were given an idea of what evangelism is and general principles about how it’s done.  After lunch the LHMT staff led Module 4, which provided them with a number of specific examples of how they can reach out to their family and friends with the good news of Jesus.

Later in the afternoon the LHMT staff completed the rest of the modules.  In Module 5 the group learned some good ways to invite and welcome visitors into their churches.  The main topic of Module 6 was how to use local media to reach out to the unbelievers in their communities.  Media materials that were produced by LHMT were explained and everyone was encouraged to contact the LHMT staff to arrange to receive copies of those materials.

During Module 7 the importance of having volunteers help LHMT was explained.  At the end of the module 11 people asked to become commissioned LHMT volunteers.  They will serve as contact people for LHMT and identify individuals in their area who are interested in joining the Bible Correspondence Courses and receiving other Christian materials.

LHMT director and Da

One of the highlights of this trip for the LHMT director was meeting Da, a young woman who had been a student in the English classes offered through the CGM Center in Bangkok more than 10 years ago.  When the director knew her at that time, Da was not a Christian.  It was exciting to see her again and to discover that she is now a Christian and very active in the ministry of her church.

Mrs. Nilubol Thaiwatcharamas, LHMT Advocacy Board member enjoyed her first ETS experience

Another highlight was having one of the LHMT Advocacy Board members attend the training.  She had never experienced an ETS training before.  Because she had heard so much about the ETS training, she thought this was a good chance for her, since her home is only about 2 hours from where this training was held.  She was so happy with the program that she plans to talk with her home church in Udon Thani about inviting LHMT to hold an ETS training there.

The LHMT director and staff want to thank Pastor Suragarn Wonna and members of Hang Cheevit Mai Church for giving them such a warm welcome and for hosting the ETS training.  They were very pleased that everything went so smoothly and everyone enjoyed participating in all of the activities so enthusiastically.  This was a good chance to meet many new friends and to begin developing strong relationships.  At the end of the ETS workshop Hang Cheevit Mai Church invited LHMT to return in the future to conduct a children’s program.

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