Noodles Help Build Relationships

Learning how to make rice noodles

In an earlier blog post we told you about the Equipping the Saints (ETS) training that we conducted in Chaiyaphum Province on March 12, 2011. Not included in that story was the wonderful time that our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff had on the way back to Bangkok the next day.

A few of the people from Nonggothong Church who attended the ETS training invited us to stop at their place to have breakfast with them. They own a company that produces Khanom Jeen, a favorite food among the LHMT staff. What made the meal of rice flour noodles, curry and vegetables so special was the fact that Khun Lumpai and Khun Winai and their family make their own noodles. They make them in a very simple, natural way without using any preservatives. Not only did we enjoy watching them make some noodles, but we had a lot of fun trying to make some of our own. But of course the best part was eating their delicious food.

We learned a lot about making noodles and about their business. When they told us that they usually make about 200 kilograms of noodles each day, it seemed like a lot. But we were really surprised when they said that they often produce 700 kilograms of noodles each day during big holiday celebrations.

It was a real pleasure for our LHMT staff and director to get to know Khun Lumpai and Khun Winai, their family and other church members better and to share a fun time with them. We especially appreciate the prayer time that we had together. We hope that we’ll have other opportunities in the future to see them again.

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