Noodles Help Build Relationships

Learning how to make rice noodles

In an earlier blog post we told you about the Equipping the Saints (ETS) training that we conducted in Chaiyaphum Province on March 12, 2011. Not included in that story was the wonderful time that our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director and staff had on the way back to Bangkok the next day.

A few of the people from Nonggothong Church who attended the ETS training invited us to stop at their place to have breakfast with them. They own a company that produces Khanom Jeen, a favorite food among the LHMT staff. What made the meal of rice flour noodles, curry and vegetables so special was the fact that Khun Lumpai and Khun Winai and their family make their own noodles. They make them in a very simple, natural way without using any preservatives. Not only did we enjoy watching them make some noodles, but we had a lot of fun trying to make some of our own. But of course the best part was eating their delicious food.

We learned a lot about making noodles and about their business. When they told us that they usually make about 200 kilograms of noodles each day, it seemed like a lot. But we were really surprised when they said that they often produce 700 kilograms of noodles each day during big holiday celebrations.

It was a real pleasure for our LHMT staff and director to get to know Khun Lumpai and Khun Winai, their family and other church members better and to share a fun time with them. We especially appreciate the prayer time that we had together. We hope that we’ll have other opportunities in the future to see them again.

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9 Churches Work Well Together During ETS Training

Praying together for the lost

On March 12, 2011 Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) conducted an Equipping the Saints (ETS) workshop in Nong Bua Dang District in Chaiyaphum Province, which is in northeastern Thailand, about 380 kilometers from Bangkok.  When the LHMT team saw that 9 churches had sent people to attend the workshop, they were happy to make the 5-hour drive to get there.  The team knows that the 38 people who attended will take the information that they received and share it with the other people in their churches.

Travel also wasn’t easy for many of the participants.  Some of them came as far as 80 kilometers in the back of a truck to reach Baan Subjaroen Church, which hosted the ETS program.

Often the ETS workshops are attended mostly by younger people.  However, for this training many of the participants were older.  The youngest were in their late-20s and some were 70 years old.  But all of them had several things in common.  They all had great faith, were excited about learning how to share their faith with people in their communities, gave a warm welcome to the LHMT team and cooperated together very well during the training.

Because some people traveled so far, the workshop started at 10:00am instead of 9:00am.  To finish on time at 5:00pm, the LHMT team wasn’t able to go into as much detail during the 7 modules as usual.  Each of the team took responsibility for parts of the program.  Director Boom taught modules 1-3, Mr. Siam led module 4, Mr. Lek did module 5 and Mr. Tak finished the training by leading modules 6-7.  Ms. Nok was responsible for organizing the sale of the products from the LHMT bookstore.  The people who attended the workshop appreciated having the opportunity to purchase some Christian books and materials that usually are not available to them.  It was also a good way to do some fundraising for LHMT.

The feedback that LHMT received was very positive.  Twelve people asked to become commissioned LHMT volunteers.  Everyone was happy that the training was so practical and said that it will be very useful for them.  They asked the team to return soon to do more activities with them.  Some observers, who came from a nearby district, also asked LHMT to come and conduct a training for the 6-7 churches in their area. 

For the LHMT team, one of the highlights of the day came during Module 3, which is about the lost people who don’t know Jesus.  Each participant wrote the names of people they know, who are not Christians.  They then met together in small groups and prayed for each of those people. 

The LHMT team thanks God for their safe travel and successful training.  They enjoyed getting to know the people who attended and look forward to doing other programs in Chaiyaphum Province in the future.

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ETS Training a Blessing for Chonburi

Some participants enjoy fellowship time during ETS discussion

Ao Udom Church in Chonburi Province runs a community radio station and uses many programs produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT).  In partnership with LHMT the pastor and church members hosted an Equipping the Saints Training on February 26. They followed the usual format of sharing the 7 modules between 9:00am and 5:30pm. 

A total of 27 participants from 4 churches in Chonburi attended the training. Feedback from those who participated showed that they were very pleased with the training.  They had a good time of fellowship as they enjoyed many fun activities together and they appreciated the very practical teaching that they received.  

Also, 12 people registered as commissioned volunteers with LHMT, 14 signed up to receive the encouraging text messages that LHMT sends out each week and one church is interested in inviting LHMT to conduct a seminar for all church members in the coming year.

128 People Attend Listener Gathering

The LHMT Speaker interviewed guest on stage

On February 13 one of the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) speakers and some LHMT staff drove to Prachuap Kiri Khan Province.  Their plan for the day included doing a live radio broadcast and conducting a Listener Gathering.  Both of these activities were done in partnership with the Full Gospel Church of Prachuap Kiri Khan.  The local community radio station in that area is operated by members of the church. 

Ms. Acharaporn Imsomboon, LHMT Speaker for Because You are Loved

The live radio broadcast started at 2:45pm with an introduction about LHMT by the head of the radio station.  The speaker did a 2-hour broadcast of the “Because You are Loved” program. 

After the live broadcast was finished, the LHMT staff led many fun activities at the church from 5:00-7:00pm for the128 people who attended the Listener Gathering.  Also included was a message by Pastor Sawaeng Kusawadee from the Full Gospel Church.  He talked about how people can receive the free gift of true love from God.  The LHMT team left Prachuap Kiri Khan at 8:00pm and arrived safely back in Bangkok at 2:00am.

The feedback that we received was very positive.  Everyone who attended had a good time and heard about the true meaning of love.  We are very happy that we were able to present the live broadcast and talk about real love. 

Although LHMT has worked with members of the Full Gospel church in Prachuap Kiri Khan in airing LHMT programs in the past, this was our first opportunity to meet Pastor Sawaeng.  We pray that this will be the beginning of a long, strong relationship.