Sharing Love

The sweet couple attened our sharing love activities

Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) reached out to people in the community near its office by doing special Valentine activities.  For two days the LHMT staff set up a table and display and spent time interacting with people in front of their office.  The purpose was to make connections and become more familiar to the people who live and work in the area and to share with them the true meaning of love.

To attract people to the table, the LHMT staff played popular Christian songs about God’s love.  One of the activities involved people writing comments about love on a heart-shaped card.  They then placed it on a Valentine’s Day display next to the table.  Anyone passing by could share their comments and read what others had written.

The display included the words of 1 Corinthians 13 in Thai on a banner.  An English poster had the words of John 3:16 with the letters of the word “Valentine” highlighted in red. 

The LHMT staff also invited people to send a love message to someone they love.  LHMT gave them a special card with ‘God bless you’ on it.  They wrote their message on the card and addressed it someone they care about.  LHMT then provided the stamp and sent it in the mail for them.

One lady sent a message to her parents, who live quite far away in another province.  She told them that she loved them and missed them.  Then she wrote, “This card can deliver my love to you.”  A young woman working near the LHMT office wrote a card to her daughter, who lives outside Bangkok.  Part of her message was, “Have happiness.  You’re a wonderful daughter.”

More than 100 people visited the LHMT table and each one received a free gift set which included heart-shaped candy, a key chain and two pamphlets; one entitled “Planting True Love” and the other “The True Meaning of Love.”  The LHMT staff and director are very pleased with the success of this activity and plan to do other programs on the sidewalk outside their office in the future, so that more people can know about the LHMT ministry and hear about the wonderful gift of God’s love.

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