Fun Friends Night

Into Light Lutheran Church is located near our LHM Thailand office in Bangkok.  Almost every evening and during the day on Saturdays they provide English classes at very reasonable prices for people in the community.  This is one way in which the church can share the love of Christ with people in the community through actions and words.

Starting this month our LHM Thailand staff and director are doing a program during the free time between classes with students in the English outreach program of Into Light Lutheran Church.  From 6:50-7:30pm every Thursday we visit the Light Center at the church to lead games, songs and fun activities, which are designed to create a friendly, fun atmosphere. 

These Thursday evening programs are a good chance for us to help the teachers and staff build relationships with their students outside of the class time.  One of the goals is to help the students feel welcome and comfortable, so that they will spend more time at the center.  This will give the students more chances to practice speaking English informally and provide more opportunities for the staff and teachers to share the Gospel with the students.

We look forward to spending time with the teachers and students each Thursday evening in the weeks to come.


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