A New Wife and a New Life in Christ

Mr. Tienchai Tanho is from Lampang Province and moved to Rayong Province.  His wife has died and he has one child.  Sometime after his wife’s death Mr. Tienchai met another woman, who is a Christian.  Three months before they married she shared with him about God.  In the beginning he was not interested, as he had heard this from World Vision, which gave a scholarship to his child.  At that time he was not interested in knowing about God.  He felt that he was able to live and meet the challenges of life himself, though it was a struggle.  He tried to acquire the things of this world, so that his life would be stable.  Though he depended on his own ability, he came to realize there must be someone who created him and he did not need to carry his burden.  As he thought about this, he became interested in God.

His girlfriend was a Christian and regularly listened to the radio program produced by LHM Thailand.  It was aired on the community radio station, Unity Christian Radio FM 91.0 MHz in Rayong.  She encouraged him to listen.  He listened to the program, “The Cheerful Life.”  When the program ended he said, “This program is very good and provides knowledge about God.  It helps people to have courage to live.  Those who feel like giving up will be encouraged by this program.”  Since then Mr. Tienchai has been regularly listening to the program and has gained new ideas, which he applies to his spiritual life.  God has led Mr. Tienchai to faith and since coming to faith he says “My life has completely changed and I do not have to depend on my own ability, because I know that God is beside me.  This makes me confident.  I do not have to depend on myself, because I know that God cares and helps me.”  Mr. Tienchai has met the true God and he now understands that God has created everything and he believes that sacred things come from God.

Mr. Tienchai was baptized on December 28, 2010 and is being nurtured by Aekaparb Church in Rayong Province.  He has found the Light of Christ through the witness of his wife and Christian radio programs.  Please pray for Mr. Tienchai, that his spiritual life will continue to grow.


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