Nearly 2,000 Students and Teachers Hear The Gospel in Guiburi

Almost everyone in Thailand is familiar with Christmas, at least with a limited idea of what it is.  Throughout Thailand special Christmas decorations will appear in December and shopping malls and large department stores will have Christmas sales.  Some stores will sell artificial Christmas trees, ornaments, Christmas lights and other decorations.  Most Thai people know that Christmas is a major holiday for Westerners.  They know that it is a very happy time when people give each other gifts, but they don’t know why.  Many Thai people have heard something about Santa Claus, but only a very small number know that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

The LHMT staff coordinated with the local church to conduct the Christmas school outreach in Guiburi

Each year LHMT receives invitations to visit schools to do presentations about the true meaning of Christmas.  The principals and teachers want their students to learn more about this important Western holiday.  This is a great opportunity for LHMT to share the Gospel with thousands of students and teachers and to help local churches make connections with schools in their communities. 

The Thailand Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHMT) director and staff recently spent three days in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.  From December 13-15 the LHMT team did activities in nine government schools in and around the town of Guiburi.  The itinerary was arranged by local pastors and church members, who also assist with the presentations and do follow-up activities with the schools.

The LHMT staff did a 90-minute program in each school.  The program always began and ended with a prayer from the local pastor.  Then the LHMT staff led the students in doing fun activities and singing Christmas songs.  Throughout the presentation small gifts were given to the students. 

Students had lots of fun with the skits and songs

In the kindergarten and primary schools the LHMT staff did a short puppet show and then had the children watch an animated Christmas video.  At each primary school the students saw either “The City that Forgot Christmas” or “Red Boots for Christmas.”  Both of these videos were produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries in the USA and dubbed into the Thai language in Bangkok.

After the students watched the video, the LHMT staff did a review activity to be sure the students understood the story.  The team asked the students questions about what happened in the story and the meaning of the story.  Many students were given a chance to answer a question and received a small gift for their answers.

Mr. Dennis Denow helped to give the explaination of true meaning of Christmas to junior high school

The LHMT staff only used the animated videos with the younger students.  When doing presentations for students in junior high school or older, they substituted an activity that used a lot of English.  Each letter in the word “Christmas” was associated with another word that begins with that same letter.  Through this process the true meaning of Christmas was explained to the students.  For example, the word associated with the letter C was “come”.  Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, God has come to earth as a man. 

Students enjoy receiving the souvenirs from the LHMT at the Christmas activity

At the end of the activity the LHMT staff asked review questions of the students to be sure that they understood and remembered the words, so that they knew the real Christmas story. 

As the students left to return to their classes, each of them received a gift set from LHMT.  The gift sets for the younger children included a key chain, candy, and a Christian tract.  The older students received a notebook, candy and a Christian tract.

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3 Responses

  1. I found this blog very interesing since my son Joel and his family are working with missionary Satit in Phroa ner Chaing Mai, I will send him this blog so he can keep in touch with what LHM is doing in the country.

  2. I appreciate your service in the Lord for ministering even young people bringing christ among them while young. Any time I visit your blog I always feel happy the way God is helping your mission of proclamation of Good News to Thais.

    may you also visit our blog; We will welcome your comments for they are our encouragements too.

    • Thank you for your encouraging words. I visited your blog also. It was interesting reading about how God is blessing your ministry. May God give you joy in doing the ministry.

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