LHMT Director Attended TCLC Meeting in November

More than 30 pastors and church leaders from Lutheran churches in northern, southern and central Thailand attended the Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church (TCLC) meeting in Bangkok from November 22-26, 2010.  The main purposes of the meeting were to encourage each other, to strengthen the TCLC identity, to grow together for the ministry of the TCLC, to discuss how they can overcome the obstacles they face in their ministries and how they can serve together in their future work.

Rev. Dr. Jeff Ehlers was sharing about the importance of sustainability.

Two guest speakers did several presentations for the group.  Rev. Dr. Jeff Ehlers, chairman of the Garuna Foundation, shared with them about the importance of sustainability.  When the churches receive help from other organizations, they need to have a plan for how the project or program can continue after that outside assistance ends.  For a number of years the Garuna Foundation has provided financial help to the TCLC, but Dr. Jeff reminded the TCLC members that his foundation will not be able to help indefinitely and that the TCLC churches must find ways to stand on their own, if they ever hope to be strong.

Mr. Erick Lai (right) led several sessions about leadership

Mr. Erik Lai, the General Manager of the Glad Sounds, the book stores of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore, and also the Director of the Crown Financial Ministries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, led several sessions about leadership.  He talked about the heart of a leader, strategic planning, how to cultivate people skills in your leadership, how to determine the most important priorities and make effective decisions. 

Both guest speakers did a good job and gave many important lessons for the TCLC pastors and leaders to learn from and to use in developing their ministries. 

The Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) director was able to sit in on the presentations and gained much valuable information.  She also was able to present the Ministry Presentation and the Memorandum of Understanding that will be signed between LHMT and the TCLC in January 2011.

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