LHMT Says Farewell to Mr. Bruce and Marijane

Mr. Bruce and Marijane enjoyed meeting with Meaw, LHMT radio speaker

November 16 was the last day in Thailand for Lutheran Hour Ministries Executive Director Mr. Bruce Wurdeman and his wife Marijane.  After returning from their visit to the Lutheran Hour Ministries office in Vietnam, they stayed in Bangkok for one day before beginning their trip back to St. Louis.

In the morning Mr. Bruce led the daily devotion for the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff and director.  Based on Matthew 27:11-14 & 21-23 his message focused on Pilate’s question, “What am I to do with Jesus?” 

Mr. Bruce led the daily devotion for LHMT

The LHMT staff and director received encouragement from the devotion, because Mr. Bruce asked them to consider that same question for themselves.  Everyone appreciated the devotion and enjoyed singing three worship songs together and Marijane had a closing prayer.

Following the devotion Mr. Bruce and Marijane were able to stay for some fellowship time with the LHMT director and staff and to share a delicious farewell meal at the LHMT office.  As a symbol of their thanks for the Wurdemans’ visit and their friendship and encouragement, the LHMT staff and director presented Mr. Bruce and Marijane with some farewell gifts

In the afternoon and early evening Mr. Bruce and Marijane visited the Suan Luam Night Bazaar, where they enjoyed some last minute shopping.  They got little sleep that night, because they had to leave the hotel at 2:30am to catch their flight that left Bangkok at 5:30am.  They were pleasantly surprised when the entire LHMT staff met them at the airport at 3:30am to say good bye and to pray for their safe trip.

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