Ministry Partners in Bangkok

Siam Bangkok Church has operated a community radio program in Bangkok for the past two years.  The church trains some of their youth to be DJs and radio speakers to promote the church and to support their outreach events in their local community.

In June of this year some of the church members heard some radio programs on our Lutheran Hour Ministry (LHMT) website.  They enjoyed the programs and thought that they would work well in their community, so the pastor contacted our office and asked to use three of our programs on their community radio station.  We were happy to share the programs with them.

On September 15, 2010 two LHMT staff and one radio speaker visited Siam Bangkok Church.  It was the first time the pastor, church members and LHMT staff were able to meet each other.  From 11:00am until noon the speaker did a live broadcast of “Because You Are Loved.” 

During the broadcast the speaker asked the listeners, “If today you could get one blessing from God, what would you ask for and why?”  Five people called during the program.  One young Christian woman answered the question by saying, “Please pray for my parents, because I want them to also become Christian.”

After the program finished, seven church members came to meet our staff and to receive gift sets.  We’re very happy to finally meet the pastor and some church members of Siam Bangkok Church and we look forward to working together with them again in the future.


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