LHMT Staff Help Train Church Members in Roi-et

Grace of God Church in Roi-et is a very outreach minded church.  To help the church members share the Gospel with nonbelievers in their area, they planned an outreach camp to give some training to the members.  They met with the community leader to inform him of their plans and ask his permission to do outreach in the community.  As they presented their plan, they also used it as a good chance to share the Gospel with the community leader.

The church invited Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) to help with the training for one day.  Last year this church had received Bibles that were donated by the Indiana District and they were familiar with some of the evangelistic training that LHMT provides in different parts of Thailand.  LHMT was very happy to accept this invitation and three LHMT staff made the 7-hour trip from Bangkok to join the camp on September 23, 2010.

The main purpose of the camp was for the Grace of God church members to receive training in simple ways to share the Gospel with non-believers in the Roi-et community.  The LHMT staff shared two very simple ideas for the church members to share their faith.  They taught them how to talk about the Good News by using the five fingers on their hand and by using the Gospel bracelets with colored beads. 

The next day the church members were divided into four teams.  From 9:00am until noon three teams went into the community to use the techniques and Gospel bracelets that they had received from the LHMT staff.  The fourth team stayed behind and provided prayer support for the three other teams.

When the teams returned to the camp for lunch, they were very excited about how easy it was to talk with people about Jesus and to share their faith, using the two methods they had learned from the LHMT staff and other ideas they received during the camp. 

The team members were also very happy with the results of their morning visiting members of the community.  During the feedback time at the end of the camp, they reported a very unexpected outcome of sharing their faith that day.  Eight nonbelievers from four different families became interested in the camp when they talked with the teams.  Even though they weren’t Christians, all eight of them joined the camp the next day.  It was a great opportunity for them to learn more about the Bible and for the church members to begin building relationships with them.

LHM Thailand also gave 50 copies each of several Christian tracts and booklets that the church members could share as they talked with people in the community.  These included “Why Do Bad Things Happen?”, “The Cross”, “The Purpose of Living and Dying”, and “Renew the Romance in Your Marriage.”  The church members were thankful for these materials and found them very useful.

LHMT also provided 100 information and application forms for the encouraging text messages program, 100 forms for the Bible Correspondence Courses for children and adults, and 100 Gospel bracelets that the church members could give away.  That same day 45 people enrolled in the program to receive encouraging text messages.  The church members are still sharing the information about these programs with people in the Roi-et community and will send information about others who wish to join the programs.

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