Bible Correspondence Courses Help Deepen Faith and Understanding

Ms. Sommai Chudum is from Samutprakarn Province and moved to find a job in Chachoengsao Province.  She has one son and one daughter.  Ms. Sommai has been interested in knowing more about God since she was in school.  She often joins the Christmas celebrations at church and likes to attend many church events.  

Last year God led her to believe in Him and last Christmas she received a booklet from “Project Christmas Outside Church.”  On the flyer it mentioned Journey Into Light (JIL, which is the local name for Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand) and she applied to take the JIL Bible Correspondence Courses, so that she could learn more about God.  Ms. Sommai has now completed the second course and recently shared what she learned from the courses.  “I have gained more knowledge about God and the Bible.  Now I know that Jesus died to redeem mankind from sin and wants us to return to Him and that God created the earth and has good plans for us.”  The Holy Spirit has used the knowledge that Ms. Sommai gained from the lessons to develop her spiritually and has transformed her life.  She used to have a hot temper, but now is calmer.  The Word of God has helped her know how to live and the purpose for mankind.  

Currently the JIL staff person in charge of follow-up has recommended Ms. Sommai to attend Romyen Church in Chachoengsao, so that she would be cared for spiritually.  Please pray for her as she follows God.  Pray that she will have the opportunity to be baptized and to continue to learn the Word of God more and more.


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