A Positive Report from the Krabi ETS Training

After traveling for 10 hours by van to Krabi Province on August 27, the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff conducted an Equipping the Saints (ETS) training for 41 church members and pastors on August 28.  The participants came from 5 churches and 1 worship group in the Krabi area. 

The training lasted from 9:00am until 5:00pm and followed the 7 Modules that we usually use for the ETS training.  We were very happy how enthusiastically they responded to the training.  Some of the people who attended immediately went out to share the Gospel with friends and neighbors in their communities.  They enjoyed telling people about the Good News by using the Gospel bracelets and paper crosses they received.  The handmade bracelets and crosses were donated to LHMT from a dear Christian friend in the United States.  We had 35 people join the program to receive encouraging Gospel text messages on their cell phones each week.

We thank God that 25 people asked to become commissioned volunteers to assist us in our ministry in Krabi.  Commissioned volunteers are very helpful in telling people about the ministry of LHMT and in following up with people who show interest in the Gospel.

At the end of the training the pastors encouraged the attendees to show their appreciation by helping to support the ministry of LHMT.  Everyone gladly put some donation in an offering box.  This was the first time that the people being trained have responded by giving financial gifts to our ministry. 

We received very positive feedback after the training.  Representatives from each church said that they were eager to work together with LHMT on future programs.  They asked if we could return to Krabi for some of the special events that they conduct, especially for the big Christmas program that they have planned for December.

Although they were very tired during the 10-hour drive back to Bangkok on August 29, the LHMT staff were thankful for God’s blessings on the ETS training and excited about the good relationships that were built with the churches and worship group in Krabi.


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  1. What a great post! Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. This is my first time to visit your blog. Great job

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