Bible Correspondence Courses Help Deepen Faith and Understanding

Ms. Sommai Chudum is from Samutprakarn Province and moved to find a job in Chachoengsao Province.  She has one son and one daughter.  Ms. Sommai has been interested in knowing more about God since she was in school.  She often joins the Christmas celebrations at church and likes to attend many church events.  

Last year God led her to believe in Him and last Christmas she received a booklet from “Project Christmas Outside Church.”  On the flyer it mentioned Journey Into Light (JIL, which is the local name for Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand) and she applied to take the JIL Bible Correspondence Courses, so that she could learn more about God.  Ms. Sommai has now completed the second course and recently shared what she learned from the courses.  “I have gained more knowledge about God and the Bible.  Now I know that Jesus died to redeem mankind from sin and wants us to return to Him and that God created the earth and has good plans for us.”  The Holy Spirit has used the knowledge that Ms. Sommai gained from the lessons to develop her spiritually and has transformed her life.  She used to have a hot temper, but now is calmer.  The Word of God has helped her know how to live and the purpose for mankind.  

Currently the JIL staff person in charge of follow-up has recommended Ms. Sommai to attend Romyen Church in Chachoengsao, so that she would be cared for spiritually.  Please pray for her as she follows God.  Pray that she will have the opportunity to be baptized and to continue to learn the Word of God more and more.

A Dear Friend Remembered

Kias singing with his daughters at the 2006 LHMT Thanksgiving Banquet

All of us at Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) are saddened at the loss of a very good friend and partner in ministry.  Mr. Panta Surasilpisut passed away on September 9 at the age of 44 after suffering from cancer. 

Better known by his nickname, Kias, he was a well known Thai country singer.  For the past 8 years he was always eager to help us with special events, such as our annual Thanksgiving Banquet and Listener Gatherings.  At many of these events Kias provided special music or even did some mini-concerts, which always attracted more people.  He enjoyed sharing his testimony about how he became a Christian and how God was active in his life.  

Kias is survived by his wife, Nok, and two young daughters.  Through a special project Kias and Nok have been supporting and personally caring for 12 other children in their home.  We pray that God will give strength and His peace to Nok during this difficult time.

All of our LHMT staff have enjoyed a close relationship with Kias and his family.  We will continue to pray for Nok and the children as they face the future without Kias at their side.

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A Positive Report from the Krabi ETS Training

After traveling for 10 hours by van to Krabi Province on August 27, the Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff conducted an Equipping the Saints (ETS) training for 41 church members and pastors on August 28.  The participants came from 5 churches and 1 worship group in the Krabi area. 

The training lasted from 9:00am until 5:00pm and followed the 7 Modules that we usually use for the ETS training.  We were very happy how enthusiastically they responded to the training.  Some of the people who attended immediately went out to share the Gospel with friends and neighbors in their communities.  They enjoyed telling people about the Good News by using the Gospel bracelets and paper crosses they received.  The handmade bracelets and crosses were donated to LHMT from a dear Christian friend in the United States.  We had 35 people join the program to receive encouraging Gospel text messages on their cell phones each week.

We thank God that 25 people asked to become commissioned volunteers to assist us in our ministry in Krabi.  Commissioned volunteers are very helpful in telling people about the ministry of LHMT and in following up with people who show interest in the Gospel.

At the end of the training the pastors encouraged the attendees to show their appreciation by helping to support the ministry of LHMT.  Everyone gladly put some donation in an offering box.  This was the first time that the people being trained have responded by giving financial gifts to our ministry. 

We received very positive feedback after the training.  Representatives from each church said that they were eager to work together with LHMT on future programs.  They asked if we could return to Krabi for some of the special events that they conduct, especially for the big Christmas program that they have planned for December.

Although they were very tired during the 10-hour drive back to Bangkok on August 29, the LHMT staff were thankful for God’s blessings on the ETS training and excited about the good relationships that were built with the churches and worship group in Krabi.

Religions Cooperate to Encourage Peace in Thailand

In celebration of the Queen of Thailand’s birthday a special program was organized by the Thailand Department of Religious Affairs through the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.  Their idea was to encourage peace and harmony among people throughout Thailand.  Believing that religion can help bring people together and promote acceptance among people from different backgrounds, representatives from the five main religions in Thailand were invited to meet together and share information and ideas. 

From 9:00am until 5:00pm on August 16, individuals representing Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism had an in-depth discussion.  The people from each religion shared ideas from their beliefs and gave their suggestions.  Christian representatives were invited from the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand (EFT), the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) and the Thailand Baptist Convention (TBC).  One of the EFT representatives was Siam Chommee, head of the Audience Relations department of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand.

Both the Minister of Cultural Affairs and the Director General of the Religious Affairs Department attended the day’s activities.  They were very pleased to see how well the groups cooperated together and to hear the ideas of how each religion helps its believers to live peacefully and to bring harmony within their communities.

First Live Broadcast in Bangkok

Mr. Prawit Chularangsi doing the live broadcast "Home For Love" program

Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) recently started broadcasting in Bangkok.  One of our radio speakers did a live broadcast of “Home for Love” on August 21 from 2:00-3:00pm.  In addition to being our first broadcast in Bangkok and the first time we have worked with that station and studio technician, this was also the first time that we have done a 1-hour program. 

Because the broadcast was in Bangkok, almost all of our LHMT staff were there to help and encourage the speaker.  While on the air, 9 listeners called in and talked with our staff.  The speaker talked with another caller on the air.  We left gift sets for the staff at the radio station to give to anyone who came to visit the station after we left.   

From September through February we’ll be experimenting with live broadcasts in Bangkok every Saturday afternoon.  Because we have more than one target audience, we will not continue to do hour-long programs.  Instead, we’ll divide the hour into two parts.  We’ll do a 30-minute “Home for Love” program that focuses on families and a 30-minute “Cheerful Life” program that appeals to workers.

At the end of February we’ll do an evaluation to determine how successful our live programs have been.  At that time we’ll decide if we should continue doing the programs in the same way or if we’ll try something different.