Enthusiastic Response to ETS Training

LHMT Staff posing at Taphanhin community before conducting ETS training

On Sunday afternoon, July 25, our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand staff rode in a van for nearly five hours to Phichit Province in central Thailand, where they were going to lead an Equipping the Saints training the next day.  Because the LHMT director was in the United States for the Lutheran Hour Ministries convention, the staff conducted this ETS training.

The LHMT staff expected that about 50 people from six churches would attend the training.  Just in case more people would come, they prepared 70 packets.  When they started the training, they were very happy to learn that 96 people from nine churches were there.

Mrs. Buntan Geawmool was very excited about getting involved in evangelism

As usual, the staff used the seven modules to lead the training.  Module 3 was shortly before lunch and the title was “Evangelism.”  At the end of that module, one of the participants was very excited about getting involved in evangelism.  She wanted to start as soon as possible and wanted the churches to become more enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel also.  Everyone was surprised, because she was a new Christian.  In fact, she wasn’t baptized yet.  The pastor who had been teaching her about Christianity invited her to join the training.  She became so impatient to begin sharing the Gospel with others, that she wanted to baptize soon.

By the end of the training 38 people had become volunteers and one church asked for 20 copies of Luther’s Small Catechism to give to new believers and church members.  The catechism has become very popular, because it’s such a clear explanation of the basic Christian beliefs.  We’re very thankful to the Lutheran Heritage Foundation in the United States for translating the catechism and donating many copies to our LHMT office.

This training was different from most ETS training, because so many churches cooperated together to plan it, welcome our LHMT staff, arrange the lodging, and to organize everything so well.  We are thankful for such a successful training and look forward to working with those churches in the future.


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