Building Relationships through Mother’s Day Activities

The mothers and children had a lot of fun together on Mother’s Day Activities

Porntawee Church in Suphanburi Province was one of the religious groups selected by the provincial Department of Culture to help with a program to encourage high moral principles and to improve the quality of life in the community.  In connection with the Mother’s Day celebrations on August 19-20, Pastor Chumpol Kumphanyam and church members planned many activities for people throughout the community with a special emphasis on mothers and children.

People who attended were able to read many Bible verses and Christian teachings that were posted around the church and children were invited to participate in a special Bible quiz.  The purpose of all the activities was to share the Christian teachings and beliefs.  Because Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand has worked with Porntawee Church many times in the past and assists with the church’s community radio program, Pastor Chumpol asked LHMT to help.

Beginning at 5:00 pm, our LHM Thailand staff assisted the church members by conducting a fun fair that brought together children and adults from all around the community.  We set up four stations that mothers and their children did together.  They included throwing darts at a target, putting together some picture puzzles and doing Tangrams.  The last station was a guessing game where the mothers had to guess things about their children and the children guessed things about their mothers.

Throughout the day the mothers and children had a lot of fun together.  It was also a good chance for the people living around the church to get to know our LHMT staff.  Many of them have listened to our radio programs that are broadcast from the church’s radio station, but they never had a chance to meet us personally.  We are very happy that they welcomed us so warmly during the Mother’s Day activities.  Everyone who registered during the day received a special gift set from us, which included several Christian tracts, booklets and other ministry materials.  We also set up a booth for selling many items from our bookstore and for distributing information about our ministry.

A Good Day at Camp


LHMT set up the ministry booth and product sale at Christian Manorom Camp

Each year women who are involved with leading various activities in their churches join together in regional meetings.  From August 12-14, 2010 more than 200 Christian women from churches throughout Central Thailand enjoyed a special program at Christian Manorom Camp in Chainat Province.  Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) was invited to set up a ministry information booth and to sell Christian books and music, Bibles and other materials from our bookstore on Friday, August 13.  Although our LHMT staff were not involved in any of the activities of the Camp, they had good opportunities to meet many of the women and to introduce our LHMT ministry to them.  This was the first time that a lot of the women had ever heard anything about Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand.

During the day many of the women enjoyed visiting the LHMT booth, talking with our staff and purchasing helpful materials and other products from our bookstore.  A large number of the women are involved in ministries for children and young adults and new believers.  They were very happy to learn about our LHMT Children’s Bible Study correspondence course.  Representatives from seven churches received the materials for 96 Children’s Bible Studies.  The women could see that these courses would be very helpful for them as they work with children in their churches and in the surrounding communities.  They also received adult Bible Correspondence Course materials to share with 30 adults in their communities. 

We thank God that at the end of the day we had met many women involved in ministries in their churches and that we expect to continue working with some of them.  Three of the women applied to join the adult Bible Correspondence Courses and asked to have three children join the Children’s Bible Study course.  Also, 21 women signed-up to receive our weekly encouraging text messages.

Representatives from two of the churches present at the camp asked if LHMT could conduct Equipping the Saints training seminars for their members in the coming year.  We hope to be able to add those to our schedule for 2011.

It was a very good day for our staff and we look forward to attending more of these regional gatherings in the future.

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Making Connections


Ms. Acharaporn Imsomboon, radio speaker for "Because You are Loved"

When radio speaker and two Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand (LHMT) staff traveled to Prachuap Khirikhan to do a live broadcast, they didn’t expect to discover so many connections that LHMT has in that area.

On the morning of July 21 Ms. Acharaporn Imsomboon and the two LHMT staff made a visit to the campus of Southern Theological Institute (STI), where they met the director of STI, Pastor Sawang Kusawadee.  Each year STI receives from our LHMT office packets of Christian materials that they give as gifts to their graduating students.  Although STI and LHMT have been doing this for several years, we never visited their campus or met them personally. 

Pastor Wichian Rakhantho and his wife are teachers at STI.  When they heard that we were doing a live broadcast in their area, they came to the radio station to meet and encourage our radio speaker and staff.  In 2009 we did a school outreach program with Pastor Wichian Rakhantho in four schools in Guiburi District of Prachuap Khirikhan, so it was nice connecting with them again and having some time together. 

From 12:00-1:30pm Ms. Acharaporn Imsomboon did a live broadcast of “Because You are Loved” at community radio station HIT, which operates by Mr. Sanan Shaisang, the member of the Full Gospel Church in Prachuap Khirikhan.  Pastor Khamphi Yhousantikul arranged for this live broadcast.

In addition to giving an encouraging message, Ms. Acharaporn also did a contest during the program.  While on the air 24 people called to talk with her and to participate in the contest.  All of the callers were non-believers.  Later, 2 other people visited the station to meet Ms. Acharaporn and staff to receive the gift packs that LHMT was giving away.  Our LHMT staff will contact these 26 people again and their names were given to Pastor Khamphi, so that he and his church members can do personal follow-up visits. 

We thank God for Pastor Khamphi Yhousantikul and his church members for sharing the Gospel in their community through their community radio station and personal visits to the listeners.  We also thank God that we were able to make personal connections with Pastor Sawang Kusawadee at STI and Pastor Wichian Rakhantho and his wife.  As more Christians work together to share the Gospel and reach out to the non-believers in Prachuap Khirikhan, the good news about Jesus will be heard throughout the province.  We pray God’s blessings on STI and Full Gospel Church of Prachuap Khirikhan.  We look forward to connecting with them again to do more outreach activities in the future.

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Enthusiastic Response to ETS Training

LHMT Staff posing at Taphanhin community before conducting ETS training

On Sunday afternoon, July 25, our Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand staff rode in a van for nearly five hours to Phichit Province in central Thailand, where they were going to lead an Equipping the Saints training the next day.  Because the LHMT director was in the United States for the Lutheran Hour Ministries convention, the staff conducted this ETS training.

The LHMT staff expected that about 50 people from six churches would attend the training.  Just in case more people would come, they prepared 70 packets.  When they started the training, they were very happy to learn that 96 people from nine churches were there.

Mrs. Buntan Geawmool was very excited about getting involved in evangelism

As usual, the staff used the seven modules to lead the training.  Module 3 was shortly before lunch and the title was “Evangelism.”  At the end of that module, one of the participants was very excited about getting involved in evangelism.  She wanted to start as soon as possible and wanted the churches to become more enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel also.  Everyone was surprised, because she was a new Christian.  In fact, she wasn’t baptized yet.  The pastor who had been teaching her about Christianity invited her to join the training.  She became so impatient to begin sharing the Gospel with others, that she wanted to baptize soon.

By the end of the training 38 people had become volunteers and one church asked for 20 copies of Luther’s Small Catechism to give to new believers and church members.  The catechism has become very popular, because it’s such a clear explanation of the basic Christian beliefs.  We’re very thankful to the Lutheran Heritage Foundation in the United States for translating the catechism and donating many copies to our LHMT office.

This training was different from most ETS training, because so many churches cooperated together to plan it, welcome our LHMT staff, arrange the lodging, and to organize everything so well.  We are thankful for such a successful training and look forward to working with those churches in the future.