A Good Time in Omaha, Nebraska

Visitor enjoyed playing the Thai instrument at Thailand's table display

During the Lutheran Hour Ministries convention in Omaha, all of the country directors were given a table to set up their displays and information about their ministries and countries.  Each of them selected one item on their table to be used in the silent auction.  They enjoyed spending time with the many people who visited their tables.  It was a good time to see old friends again and to meet many new friends.  Pastor Jack Gillam and his wife, Linda, drove three hours to see the Thailand director at the convention in Omaha.  Pastor Jack and Linda were members of a PLI team that spent two weeks in Thailand during the summer of 2009.  The Thailand director felt very pleased that they were willing to make such a long trip, even though they would have just a short time to see each other. 

Besides the busy schedule during the convention, the country directors were happy to have some time to visit the Omaha Zoo, the Air Force Museum, and to attend the family night.

The Thailand director also was able to make an update presentation about the ministry in Thailand to many members of the Indiana District, which has been supporting the Thailand ministry for several years.  More than just sharing information, they enjoyed a good time of fellowship and building relationships together. 

The Thailand director and other women country directors were honored to spend time during dinner with Mrs. Janice Wendorf, the president of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.  The LWML is hoping to do projects in cooperation with the Lutheran Hour office in each country in the future.

One highlight of the convention was when all of the country directors wore their traditional costumes from their countries and carried their country flags during the flag procession, which  was part of the closing ceremony. 

The time spent in the United States was very busy, but the workshops, sightseeing and time at the convention were all very valuable.  The Thailand director is thankful for the opportunity to participate in this trip, but also happy to have arrived safely back in Thailand.


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