International Workshops in St. Louis

On July 12, 2010 Lutheran Hour Ministries country directors from North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia gathered together in St. Louis, Missouri to begin six days of workshops before joining the Lutheran Hour convention in Omaha, Nebraska.  Directors from thirty-one countries were invited to attend. 

It’s always good to have this group meet together, so that everyone can better understand the bigger picture of Lutheran Hour Ministries.  Usually the directors are focused on the ministry in their own countries.  During these days together in St. Louis, they can discuss the ministry challenges they face, the successes they have achieved, and how God is blessing their work.  Each day began with devotions, singing and prayers. 

Day 1 – The directors took a tour of the Lutheran Hour headquarters building and received general information about the Lutheran Hour how it works to support their ministries.  Mr. Andrew Fitzgerald, our Assistant Director & Area Counselor for Europe, Australia, Canada & Thailand talked about ministry center factors of success, the ministry centers stages of development, and ministry focus and planning.

Day 2 – The first topic was how to develop an effective blog and using other forms of communication.  The afternoon session focused on ideas for doing local fund raising.

Day 3 – The directors had regional meetings with their area counselor to discuss issues specific to their part of the world.  Later the whole group got together again to learn more about the budgeting process and setting ministry goals.

Day 4 – Discussion on volunteer teams and US donors and the ideas about the best ways to host and use short term volunteer teams, so that the volunteers can be the most helpful to the ministry centers.

Day 5 – The new formats for the Bible Correspondence Courses and the Equipping the Saints seminars were discussed.

Day 6 – All of the country directors and the St. Louis staff worshiped together at Trinity Lutheran Church in Souldard. 

Day 7 – The group visited the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod headquarters to learn more about the ministries of that church in North America and in countries around the world.

Day 8 – The directors had an opportunity to see some of the countryside in the middle of the United States as they rode the bus for six hours from St. Louis to Omaha. 

Although many hours each day were spent in meetings, the directors also had some time to relax and enjoy some United States culture.  They went bowling and shopping together, enjoyed an evening barbeque at the LHM executive director’s house, and spent Sunday afternoon at a major league baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers.


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  2. It was a wonderful week. It was a blessing to get to know you! May God continue to bless your ministry.

    • Polly, I’m so sorry for this late reply. It was nice getting to know you too! You are very much appreciated for all you did for us. I hope to see you in Bangkok some time!

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