I want God to be in my Heart

Miss Nongnut Po-thong

Miss Nongnut Po-thong is the asparagus quality control officer for a company in Suphanburi Province.  Every morning she works alone, sorting through the shipments of asparagus that are delivered to her building.  While doing her work, she enjoys listening to the radio.

About two years ago Miss Nongnut accidentally found a Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) radio program.  As she searched for a good station, she heard a song that she liked.  As she listened to the song, she went back to her work.  When the song ended and the program started, Miss Nongnut became interested.  She discovered that she got many helpful and practical ideas for her life. 

After that time Miss Nongnut continued to listen to the different LHM programs, such as Because You are Loved, The Cheerful Life, and Home for Love.  As she listened to the personal testimonies and encouraging messages, they touched her heart. 

One day she was facing a difficult situation.  When she got home, she remembered what she had heard on the Lutheran Hour radio program.  The story on that program was the same as her problem.  Just as God had helped the person in that story, Miss Nongnut realized that God helped her also.

Miss Nongnut says, “When I feel burdened or tired from my work, I get energy to continue working by listening to the programs.  I can use those practical and encouraging ideas in my daily life.”

When she finishes her work in the morning, she goes to work in the farm in the afternoon.   Miss Nongnut takes her radio with her to the farm, so that she can continue listening to the LHM programs.

Recently Miss Nongnut said, “I want God to be in my heart.”  Our LHM staff is working to connect her with a church in her area, so that she can continue to learn more about God and grow in her faith.


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  1. Nice history and nice job…

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