He Never Rides Alone

Mr. Amnart Khem-on

Every day Mr. Amnart Khem-on rides around town on his motorbike, selling ice cream.  But he doesn’t ride alone.  Sitting on the sidecar of his motorcycle is a small radio.  As he rides through the neighborhoods, he listens to the Lutheran Hour programs. 

One LHMT staff asked him, “So, the programs are like a friend riding with you?” Mr. Amnart answered, “Not just the radio program riding with me, I have God with me too.”

Mr. Amnart said that he accidentally turned to a Lutheran Hour program about two years ago.  Since he was young he wanted to know about God.  When he heard the program, he felt connected because of the beautiful, encouraging songs.  As he listened to the programs, he started learning more about God. 

Now Mr. Amnart says, “The Lutheran Hour programs helped me find the answer.  Now I know that there is only one God in this world.”

Mr. Amnart was baptized at Pawntawee Church in Nongyasai District of Supunburi Province.  Please remember him in your prayers that he will grow in the way of God.


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