Live Broadcasts Continue to be Successful

Mr. Prawit Jularangsi, radio speaker and LHMT staff producing live broadcast

Doing live broadcasts in different parts of Thailand has proven to be very helpful.  When our radio speakers do programs at the community radio stations, listeners really enjoy being able to talk with them on the air or meeting them after the broadcast. 

On June 26 two LHMT staff and one radio speaker traveled to Phitsanuloke Province to do a live broadcast from the community radio station at Kunanutgool Church in Muang District.  During the hour on the air they presented two programs, “Home for Love” and “The Cheerful Life.”

Station leader, Ms. Tahrarin Titakharuetai, was very pleased with the quality of the programs and happy to have six listeners call to talk with the speaker while on the air and sixteen listeners came to visit after finished the programs.  Pastor Samerhjai Simala enjoyed meeting with LHMT staff and radio speaker who came to the church after the broadcast. 

Once again the live broadcast was a good opportunity for the pastor and church members to have contact with people in the community, who normally would not visit the church.  Because the live broadcasts are so popular and valuable, we plan to do one every month.


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