A Good Time in Omaha, Nebraska

Visitor enjoyed playing the Thai instrument at Thailand's table display

During the Lutheran Hour Ministries convention in Omaha, all of the country directors were given a table to set up their displays and information about their ministries and countries.  Each of them selected one item on their table to be used in the silent auction.  They enjoyed spending time with the many people who visited their tables.  It was a good time to see old friends again and to meet many new friends.  Pastor Jack Gillam and his wife, Linda, drove three hours to see the Thailand director at the convention in Omaha.  Pastor Jack and Linda were members of a PLI team that spent two weeks in Thailand during the summer of 2009.  The Thailand director felt very pleased that they were willing to make such a long trip, even though they would have just a short time to see each other. 

Besides the busy schedule during the convention, the country directors were happy to have some time to visit the Omaha Zoo, the Air Force Museum, and to attend the family night.

The Thailand director also was able to make an update presentation about the ministry in Thailand to many members of the Indiana District, which has been supporting the Thailand ministry for several years.  More than just sharing information, they enjoyed a good time of fellowship and building relationships together. 

The Thailand director and other women country directors were honored to spend time during dinner with Mrs. Janice Wendorf, the president of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League.  The LWML is hoping to do projects in cooperation with the Lutheran Hour office in each country in the future.

One highlight of the convention was when all of the country directors wore their traditional costumes from their countries and carried their country flags during the flag procession, which  was part of the closing ceremony. 

The time spent in the United States was very busy, but the workshops, sightseeing and time at the convention were all very valuable.  The Thailand director is thankful for the opportunity to participate in this trip, but also happy to have arrived safely back in Thailand.

International Workshops in St. Louis

On July 12, 2010 Lutheran Hour Ministries country directors from North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia gathered together in St. Louis, Missouri to begin six days of workshops before joining the Lutheran Hour convention in Omaha, Nebraska.  Directors from thirty-one countries were invited to attend. 

It’s always good to have this group meet together, so that everyone can better understand the bigger picture of Lutheran Hour Ministries.  Usually the directors are focused on the ministry in their own countries.  During these days together in St. Louis, they can discuss the ministry challenges they face, the successes they have achieved, and how God is blessing their work.  Each day began with devotions, singing and prayers. 

Day 1 – The directors took a tour of the Lutheran Hour headquarters building and received general information about the Lutheran Hour how it works to support their ministries.  Mr. Andrew Fitzgerald, our Assistant Director & Area Counselor for Europe, Australia, Canada & Thailand talked about ministry center factors of success, the ministry centers stages of development, and ministry focus and planning.

Day 2 – The first topic was how to develop an effective blog and using other forms of communication.  The afternoon session focused on ideas for doing local fund raising.

Day 3 – The directors had regional meetings with their area counselor to discuss issues specific to their part of the world.  Later the whole group got together again to learn more about the budgeting process and setting ministry goals.

Day 4 – Discussion on volunteer teams and US donors and the ideas about the best ways to host and use short term volunteer teams, so that the volunteers can be the most helpful to the ministry centers.

Day 5 – The new formats for the Bible Correspondence Courses and the Equipping the Saints seminars were discussed.

Day 6 – All of the country directors and the St. Louis staff worshiped together at Trinity Lutheran Church in Souldard. 

Day 7 – The group visited the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod headquarters to learn more about the ministries of that church in North America and in countries around the world.

Day 8 – The directors had an opportunity to see some of the countryside in the middle of the United States as they rode the bus for six hours from St. Louis to Omaha. 

Although many hours each day were spent in meetings, the directors also had some time to relax and enjoy some United States culture.  They went bowling and shopping together, enjoyed an evening barbeque at the LHM executive director’s house, and spent Sunday afternoon at a major league baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I want God to be in my Heart

Miss Nongnut Po-thong

Miss Nongnut Po-thong is the asparagus quality control officer for a company in Suphanburi Province.  Every morning she works alone, sorting through the shipments of asparagus that are delivered to her building.  While doing her work, she enjoys listening to the radio.

About two years ago Miss Nongnut accidentally found a Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) radio program.  As she searched for a good station, she heard a song that she liked.  As she listened to the song, she went back to her work.  When the song ended and the program started, Miss Nongnut became interested.  She discovered that she got many helpful and practical ideas for her life. 

After that time Miss Nongnut continued to listen to the different LHM programs, such as Because You are Loved, The Cheerful Life, and Home for Love.  As she listened to the personal testimonies and encouraging messages, they touched her heart. 

One day she was facing a difficult situation.  When she got home, she remembered what she had heard on the Lutheran Hour radio program.  The story on that program was the same as her problem.  Just as God had helped the person in that story, Miss Nongnut realized that God helped her also.

Miss Nongnut says, “When I feel burdened or tired from my work, I get energy to continue working by listening to the programs.  I can use those practical and encouraging ideas in my daily life.”

When she finishes her work in the morning, she goes to work in the farm in the afternoon.   Miss Nongnut takes her radio with her to the farm, so that she can continue listening to the LHM programs.

Recently Miss Nongnut said, “I want God to be in my heart.”  Our LHM staff is working to connect her with a church in her area, so that she can continue to learn more about God and grow in her faith.

He Never Rides Alone

Mr. Amnart Khem-on

Every day Mr. Amnart Khem-on rides around town on his motorbike, selling ice cream.  But he doesn’t ride alone.  Sitting on the sidecar of his motorcycle is a small radio.  As he rides through the neighborhoods, he listens to the Lutheran Hour programs. 

One LHMT staff asked him, “So, the programs are like a friend riding with you?” Mr. Amnart answered, “Not just the radio program riding with me, I have God with me too.”

Mr. Amnart said that he accidentally turned to a Lutheran Hour program about two years ago.  Since he was young he wanted to know about God.  When he heard the program, he felt connected because of the beautiful, encouraging songs.  As he listened to the programs, he started learning more about God. 

Now Mr. Amnart says, “The Lutheran Hour programs helped me find the answer.  Now I know that there is only one God in this world.”

Mr. Amnart was baptized at Pawntawee Church in Nongyasai District of Supunburi Province.  Please remember him in your prayers that he will grow in the way of God.

Live Broadcasts Continue to be Successful

Mr. Prawit Jularangsi, radio speaker and LHMT staff producing live broadcast

Doing live broadcasts in different parts of Thailand has proven to be very helpful.  When our radio speakers do programs at the community radio stations, listeners really enjoy being able to talk with them on the air or meeting them after the broadcast. 

On June 26 two LHMT staff and one radio speaker traveled to Phitsanuloke Province to do a live broadcast from the community radio station at Kunanutgool Church in Muang District.  During the hour on the air they presented two programs, “Home for Love” and “The Cheerful Life.”

Station leader, Ms. Tahrarin Titakharuetai, was very pleased with the quality of the programs and happy to have six listeners call to talk with the speaker while on the air and sixteen listeners came to visit after finished the programs.  Pastor Samerhjai Simala enjoyed meeting with LHMT staff and radio speaker who came to the church after the broadcast. 

Once again the live broadcast was a good opportunity for the pastor and church members to have contact with people in the community, who normally would not visit the church.  Because the live broadcasts are so popular and valuable, we plan to do one every month.