Jesus is the Best Friend

“I am happy that I have found the website of Journey Into Light and received the correspondence lessons which have made me know more about Jesus.  I am diligently studying the lessons I have received.  Thank you very much.” 

Ms. Nontasoung Siripatanangkul, a 15 year old student, lives in Lopburi Province and was searching and wanting to know more about Jesus Christ.  The members of her family are not Christians and she was the only member searching for God.  She had problems with friends at school and was unable to get along with them.  As a result she had to go and see a psychiatrist every two weeks.  She had no friends and was alone most of the time and felt very lonely.  She found a way out by learning about Jesus Christ through the website of Journey Into Light (JIL)

The JIL team suggested she take the correspondence courses which she did, and she thanks them for helping her to come to know Jesus Christ.  She knows that Jesus Christ will never leave her. No matter what kind of person she is, Jesus will always love her.  She is very happy to know Jesus who has given her life more meaning.  She says that her life has been transformed and she now feels the warmth of having Jesus near her and will continue to follow Him.

Currently, the JIL follow-up team has introduced her to Christian Sampan Church – Lopburi and has asked the church to nurture her and follow up.   Ms. Nontasoung wants to know more about God and requests prayers to help her continue to grow in her faith and also for her family that they too will come to know God as He has led her.


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