Serving God by Servicing Air Conditioners

Mr. Gittipaan Panyamankhong servicing air conditioners

Mr. Gittipaan Panyamankhong has always had a desire to share his faith with others, but he wasn’t sure how he could do that.  With the help of Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand, he now enjoys sharing his faith many times each week.

Mr. Gittipaan’s wife, Mrs. Prasert Panyamankhong visited the LHM bookstore a few years ago.  While there, she learned how LHM does its ministry.  She was impressed and started supporting the ministry by becoming a regular donor. 

When she introduced her husband to LHM, the director was happy to hear about a Christian man who could service air conditioners and hired Mr. Gittipaan to clean and repair the air conditioners in the LHM building.  During his visits, Mr. Gittipaan got to know the LHM ministry and staff.  He told them that he was eager to reach out to other people with the Gospel.  They encouraged him to share his faith with his customers and showed him a variety of LHM materials that he could use. 

Now Mr. Gittipaan enjoys giving LHM tracts and booklets to many of his customers and both he and his wife give monthly donations in support of LHM Ministries.

Mr. Gittipaan Panyamankhong giving donation to LHM Thailand


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