Demonstrating God’s Love

The city workers in central Bangkok didn’t really mind the heavy rain on May 26, because it made their job of cleaning the streets easier.  Clearing away the debris and dirt left behind after the government broke up the political demonstrations was a big job. 

Phratum Wanaram Neighborhood

But there was one group of people that didn’t appreciate the downpour.  Eight members of Peace in Christ Church and three staff from Lutheran Hour Ministries Thailand were also in central Bangkok that day.  They walked through the rain and cleanup activities, so that they could deliver special gift packets to people living in the area of the demonstrations.  The lives of the residents in the Phratum Wanaram neighborhood had been greatly disrupted for more than two months.  During that time the small business owners lost all of their income and many day workers could earn no money.  When the military broke through the barricades to remove the demonstrators, the local people were afraid because of the shooting and the fires that broke out.  The stress and worry that they felt during those days is not going away quickly.  Because Peace in Christ Church is located there and one church member lives in that community, they wanted to bring hope and encouragement to the families living near their church. 

Booklet: Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Pastor Boonyune Suwinaiwongsa, pastor of Peace in Christ Church contacted LHM Thailand to ask for some materials that could be included in gift packets along with instant noodles, tins of sardines, and other packaged food items.  LHM Thailand was very happy to donate copies of the “Why Do Bad Things Happen?” booklet and some Gospel tracts and to have some LHM staff help with the distribution of the packets. 

LHM Staff delivered gift packets to 400 families

Between 9:00 am and noon that day, the team walked through the streets and alleys in the Phratum Wanaram area and delivered gift packets to 400 families.  They had many opportunities to sit and talk with some of the people, including the community chairman, Mr. Dang.  He mentioned that a few other groups have helped his community from time to time, but they usually only help once and never return.  The chairman asked if Peace in Christ Church and Lutheran Hour Ministries would be able to help again in the future. 

Residents in the Phratum Wanaram neighborhood shared the disruption

At lunch time the team thought that they were done.  But when they realized that there were some families in that community who had not received a gift packet, the team purchased more supplies and received additional booklets and Gospel tracts from LHM Thailand.  They spent the afternoon preparing another 100 gift packets.  The Friday morning the team returned to Phratum Wanaram and the rest of the families received their gift packets.

Even though there was no budget for this project, LHM Thailand was pleased to be able to help by using materials already on hand.  Not many Christians live in Phratum Wanaram, so this was an excellent opportunity to partner with Peace in Christ Church to demonstrate God’s love with the people there.

Pastor Boonyune Suwinaiwongsa, delivered special gift packets to people

Mr. Porntawee Santanawattana, church member who got effect from demonstration


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