More Than They Expected

Cindi and Dave Trahms with the North Dakota team

In November 2005 Cindi and Dave Trahms with the North Dakota team came to Thailand to work with a Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) project to help some tsunami victims.  They thought that they would only be assisting the Thai people by helping to build some fishing boats.  They had no idea that God had another connection with Thailand planned for them in the future.

Cindi and Thanarach "Kyle" Chaichompu

In the summer of 2009 a foreign exchange student came to live with the Trahms.  His name is Thanarach Chaichompu, but while he’s in the United States he uses his English name, Kyle.  His home is in Bangkok, Thailand.

Since the Trahms had spent time in Thailand, they had a good understanding of Kyle’s culture and background, which helped them quickly get to know each other.  For Kyle to learn about their culture, the Trahms take him along whenever they do family activities, including going to church on Sunday mornings. 

After attending church a few times, Kyle began asking questions about the worship, prayers and other details about the Bible and Christianity.  Kyle says, “Although I’m Buddhist, I go to church with the Trahms every Sunday and I found it to be really interesting to see this community and explore their culture.  People there are nice and generous.  I feel good to be there.” 

Kyle with international friends on Easter holiday

This summer Kyle will complete his year as an exchange student in the US and will return home to Bangkok.  Through emails Cindi has introduced Kyle to the LHM director in Bangkok.  Kyle is interested in knowing which churches are near his home and what the differences are between the various churches.  He’s hoping to find a church in Bangkok that will be similar to the one he attends with the Trahms.  LHM Thailand will be happy to help Kyle visit some churches and to continue learning about Christianity, the Bible and who Jesus is.


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