Coming Together to Reach Out to Others

TCLC members who attended the seminar at Saraburi

Under the theme “Worship and Outreach”, the Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church (TCLC) hosted its third annual seminar for TCLC church leaders from April 20-23, 2010.  Forty participants from five congregations and three worship groups came together just outside Saraburi to learn, to share, and to continue building relationships.  Members and visitors who attended the seminar came from southern, central, and northern Thailand, as well as from some neighboring countries.

In addition to the morning and afternoon seminar sessions, everyone enjoyed worshiping together during the devotion times and getting to know each other better while socializing during meals and free time.

Rev. Ted Na Thalang

Rev. Dr. Jeff Ehlers

Two special presenters focused on the Lutheran perspective of worship and outreach.  Rev. Ted NaThalang, the TCLC chairman, presented topics about “Why We Worship,” “How Lutherans Worship,” and “Why We Worship the Way We Do.”   Rev. Dr. Jeff Ehlers, chairman of Garuna Foundation which provides some financial support for TCLC, led sessions about “10 Observations from God’s Word about Outreach,” “7 Points for Sharing the Gospel Message,” and “5 Key Points for Mentoring New Believers.”  Each of the topics was very practical and useful for the church leaders, especially those who are new leaders or who have come from other denominations.

LHM Thailand Director was sharing the ministry in the seminar

The LHM Thailand director attended the seminar, because she is the TCLC secretary and a member of the Into Light Church committee.  This seminar was a very good opportunity for her and some of her staff to have discussions with leaders she has known for a long time, to meet the new TCLC members, and to share with the TCLC church leaders about the ministry of LHM Thailand.  The new TCLC members knew very little about LHM Thailand.  The director also appreciated being able to discuss ways in which LHM Thailand might be able to assist them in their outreach activities.  The director is planning to contact them in the coming months to keep them informed about LHM Thailand programs, let them know about new materials that are developed and to consider planning ministry activities together.


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