A Little Can Help a Lot

Ms. Chatchaporn Khomjan turning in the bank to JIL staff

The first time we met Ms. Chatchaporn Khomjan was when we did a ministry booth and product sale at her church.  At that time she told us, “I want to support your ministry so that I can be part of sharing Christ with people.  But, I don’t have much money.”  When we told her about our “One Baht a Day for Christ Ministry,” Ms. Chatchaporn was very interested.  She thought this was a very good idea and took one of the banks and immediately started to put one baht into the bank every day. 

Ms. Chatchaporn was surprised how quickly she filled the bank.  When she came to our Journey Into Light office to turn in the bank, she told us how much she enjoyed putting her money into the bank each day.  When she asked if she could continue, we happily gave her another bank to take home with her.

We have come to know Ms. Chatchaporn quite well, because she has come to our office many times to turn in a full bank and to take another bank home.  She understands that giving “One Baht a Day for Christ Ministry” is not a burden and that she doesn’t need to have much money to be part of sharing Christ with people.  Ms. Chatchaporn says, “Giving one baht a day is easy and a good way for me to show my thanks to God for all the blessings He has given me.”


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