Live Broadcasts Are Very Successful

On March 27 two of the JIL radio speakers and 2 JIL staff spent the day doing live radio programs outside Bangkok.  “Because You are Loved” radio program speaker, Mrs. Atcharaporn Kumpanyam met with Pastor Narongchai Kurawtjalern, pastor of Jaisamarn Church in Hua Hin and Mr. Songsit Tangaew, who takes care of radio station.  Immanuel Community Radio Station is located at Jaisamarn Church.

Mrs. Atcharaporn enjoyed having time to get to know Pastor Narongchai and Mr. Songsit, seeing how the station was set up, and learning the history of Jaisamarn Church.  From 10:30am until 12:00 noon Mrs. Atcharaporn did a live broadcast.  She was very happy to talk with fourteen people from that area who called during and after the program.  In the afternoon other people came to the church to meet her personally

During a short tour of Hua Hin, Mrs. Atcharaporn visited the local market.  She was pleasantly surprised to discover that many people working in the market listen to the JIL programs.  Although the broadcasting equipment isn’t very powerful, it’s encouraging to know that the JIL programs are reaching many people in the Hua Hin area.

Mr. Prawit Junlarangsri, the speaker for the “Home for Love” program went to Chonburi to visit the Happy Radio Station.  During his 9:00am-10:00am live radio broadcast Mr. Prawit talked on the telephone with five listeners and met four others, who came to visit him during and after the broadcast.  He was happy to have this chance to encourage these listeners personally and to get to know Miss Siritip Sirisaat, who takes care of station.  Although the station was moved to new location and the equipment isn’t fully set up yet, the broadcast went well and Mr. Prawit is satisfied with the success of his trip.

Because we are getting such positive responses to these live broadcasts, we’re planning to schedule more of them in different places in the future.  These personal contacts are helping us build stronger relationships with the pastors and church members, so we can work together even more closely.  Our Audience Relations Department also has many good opportunities for follow-up with the people who call during the live broadcasts or visit with our radio speakers.


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