Correspondence Courses Bring Answers To Life

Mrs. Supun Phongmueng is originally from Yasothorn Province and later moved to work in Surathani Province.  She does not have any children as she has complications with in her womb.  Mrs. Supun has always had questions about her life “Where did she come from?” and “Why is she born?” and continued her search but did not get any answers which satisfied her.  Then she was led by God and all her questions were answered.  When Prakittikoonsomboon Churches in the south organized a retreat called “His Glory’” in April 8-10, 2009 she also attended the camp.  As Journey Into Light had a booth to share about its ministry at the camp she came to JIL booth and the JIL team introduced her to its correspondence lessons and encouraging text messages on the mobile phone.

            Mrs. Supun has been studying the lessons and says “These lessons have helped me to find answers to questions I never knew, I now understand life more and have learnt how to follow God.”  She added “The encouraging text messages often come at a time when I have problems and encourage me to live my life and have a closer relationship with God” Now Mrs. Supun says “My life has completely changed.  I used to be very selfish but now I have learnt to forgive others as Jesus taught us to love even our enemies.”  God has transform her life and she now has His peace and has found answers to what she has been searching for.

            Mrs. Supun has completed JIL correspondence courses and now every Sunday she attends Prakittikoonsomboon Church – Wiagnsa in Surathani Province.  She was baptized and request for prayers for her to continue her walk with God.


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