Radio Speaker Visits Church in Chonburi Province

In February Journey into Light radio speaker, Mr. Prawit Jularungsi from the program “Home for Love” traveled to Chonburi Province.  Joining him was one of the JIL studio technicians, Mr. Norasate Srisawake. 

Ao Udom Church in Chonburi Province is one of the ministry partners with JIL.  This church has been doing community radio programs for only six months.  Using eight Christian music programs of their own and three JIL programs, the church broadcasts from 6:00-11:00pm Monday through Friday and from 8:30-9:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The main purpose for Mr. Prawit and the studio technician to visit Chonburi was to meet the Ao Udom Church pastor and church leaders, to meet some listeners, and to learn about the people and culture in that area.  It’s important for us to build relationships with our ministry partners, to learn about the history and ministry of their churches and how they do follow-up activities, and to experience the culture of their areas.  As we understand more about the listeners, we can produce radio programs that fit them better. 

While there, Mr. Prawit did a live radio program at the church from 11:30am until 12:00 noon.  He invited people to come to the church to meet him until 2:00pm and to receive a free gift set.  Although only four people called in, another seven people went to the church that day.  Mr. Prawit had a good chance to start building relationships with them and to learn more about their lives.  One of the listeners asked for a Bible.

When Mr. Prawit and the studio technician returned to Bangkok, they left the extra gift sets with the pastor.  They were very happy when they heard that many more people went to the church the next day.  The pastor reported that all fifty gift sets had been given away to listeners. 


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