Finding Ways to Serve

Working every night as a musician and singer makes it difficult for Chosita and her husband, Ekkapat Pong-urai, to participate in normal church activities.  It’s not easy for them to join in worship or serve God through their church.  But Chosita and Ekkapat really desire to use their talents to serve God’s mission in whatever ways they can. 

Recently they found a way to serve God through LHM Thailand.  They used their musical talents to sing special songs at the annual LHM Thailand Thanksgiving worship and banquet in November.  They were very happy to accept our invitation even though they had to cancel their work that night. 

Chosita said, ”We were thankful that we can be part of serving with you this time.  Please let us know if you think we can be helpful for your ministry in the future.” 

Proving the truth of her words, Chosita and Ekkapat became LHM Thailand donors, joined with us in singing on our music album, and they continue to serve with us in different ministry events whenever they can.

We thank God for this faithful couple who are so eager to serve God.  We also thank God for showing them different ways in which they are able to participate in God’s mission.


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