Listener Gathering in Nakorn Nayok

On February 14, 2010 our LHM Thailand staff traveled to Nakorn Nayok Province to conduct a Listener Gathering with the members of Maitreejit worship group.  The purpose of the gathering was to promote the LHM radio program “Because You Are Loved” and to build relationships between the LHM radio speakers with the listeners in the community and members of this new local worship group.  Because there was the first time to conduct the gathering, the members of Maitrijit worship group are eager for ways to learn more about our ministry.  They were very happy to hear about the Bible Correspondence Courses, encouraging text messages and other media available through LHM Thailand. 

After worshiping with the worship group members in the morning, the LHM Thailand team conducted a special program from 1:00-3:00pm.  They led songs, games, and did a skit called “Gift with Love.”  The skit is a story about two people who received God’s love.  One person keeps God’s love and doesn’t share it with anyone else.  As time passes the love that this person received from God begins to get smaller and smaller.  However, the second person shares God’s love with many other people.  Each time he shares God’s love, it grows bigger and stronger.

One highlight of the day was when many of the worship group members shared their testimonies.  Through their stories they encouraged each other and also encouraged the LHM staff.  When planning this program the LHM Thailand staff thought that many people would attend.  At first they were disappointed when only 13 people came, because that day was also Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.  But their disappointment quickly disappeared, because God blessed them with a fun time together and an opportunity to build very strong relationships with the worship group members.  We are already considering other ways in which we can support and assist the worship group members in the future. 

Partners in Sharing the Gospel

On February 6, 2010 Mr. Siam Chommee, LHM Thailand staff who serves as the coordinator for Outreach Training, was invited to coordinate a wedding ceremony with Pastor Gongpop Poojan at the Floating Market in Rachaburi  Province.  The Christian ceremony could draw lots of attention from the groom’s relatives and guests, who are non-believers.  In daily Christian life, we can often find some way to share Christ’s love with the people around us.

After the wedding Mr. Siam had a chance to meet with Pastor Gongpop.  He is the pastor of Jai Samarn Smutsongkarm Church and joined the ETS workshop in 2008.  Since then he and some church members became active commissioned volunteers for LHM Thailand.  He invited our team again to conduct the ETS workshop for the new believers in October 2009. 

Pastor Gongpop asked about ways to serve together with LHMT in the future, because his church has a plan to move their church to a new area in April.  Mr. Siam was told that they have built good relationships with schools and people in the community.  They also told Mr. Siam that the people are very open to Christianity there.  This will be a good opportunity to proclaim Jesus Christ in the area. 

Mr. Siam shared that “These church members and pastor are very happy to do God’s work together with LHMT.  They really want to share the Gospel with the people, give them hope and help them to know more about Christ.”  LHMT will discuss more about some possible evangelistic activities that we can do with Pastor Gongpop and his ministry team.  We hope and pray that we can join hands together in bringing Christ to the Thai people.

We thank God for Pastor Gongpop Poojan and his church for their commitment to proclaim Christ’s love to the unchurched in their area.  We pray for them and look forward to assisting them with that outreach.

Finding Ways to Serve

Working every night as a musician and singer makes it difficult for Chosita and her husband, Ekkapat Pong-urai, to participate in normal church activities.  It’s not easy for them to join in worship or serve God through their church.  But Chosita and Ekkapat really desire to use their talents to serve God’s mission in whatever ways they can. 

Recently they found a way to serve God through LHM Thailand.  They used their musical talents to sing special songs at the annual LHM Thailand Thanksgiving worship and banquet in November.  They were very happy to accept our invitation even though they had to cancel their work that night. 

Chosita said, ”We were thankful that we can be part of serving with you this time.  Please let us know if you think we can be helpful for your ministry in the future.” 

Proving the truth of her words, Chosita and Ekkapat became LHM Thailand donors, joined with us in singing on our music album, and they continue to serve with us in different ministry events whenever they can.

We thank God for this faithful couple who are so eager to serve God.  We also thank God for showing them different ways in which they are able to participate in God’s mission.