Children Outreach Activity

The National Children’s Day in Thailand is always on the second Saturday of January.  The purpose, like in other countries, is to let the public know the importance and needs of children and to encourage children to recognize the importance of their role in the country.  Children’s Day also plants the seed for the idea of children participating in society and preparing them to be workers.  Each year the prime minister of Thailand gives the Children’s Day theme.  This year it was “Be Creative, Seek Knowledge Diligently, and Value Morality”.

To accomplish the slogan of the National Children’s Day and for the purpose of promoting the Christian view, LHM partnered with the Suriyawong School in Muang District of Ratchaburi Province.  On January 8 we conducted the Children’s Outreach Activity for 924 primary and secondary school children.  Because of the large number of students, we had to do two sessions.

Under the slogan for the day we encouraged these young people to creatively express their ideas through group activities.  In one of the activities, “My Dream”, the students wrote down their hopes for the future and shared their ideas with the other students.  The LHM staff also performed the play “Going Home” (which was adapted from the Prodigal Son).  By using the Word of God in these activities, we gave a good introduction to the role of youth in the family and society.

We are thankful that the students had lots of fun through the meaningful performance and activities on Children’s Day.  We had a chance to pray for them and invite them to learn more about God through the BCC and other media that we have.  The school appreciated our work very much and invited us to lead some Christian sessions at their school camp in March.


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